WWE has slipped during PG era and it's affecting fans' enjoyment

The McMahons have struck a deal to prolong the WWE's partnership with a PG certificate  (©GettyImages)

Vince McMahon's return to Monday Night Raw after a lengthy absence was welcomed by the WWE fan's showing their respect towards the Chairman of the biggest Wrestling company in the world.

However several wrestling fans and pundits alike feel that a dark cloud is looming over the WWE over COO Triple H's decision to extend the WWE's partnership with a PG certificate. 

The decision, a wise move financially, will continue to help fund the WWE's numerous ongoing projects including NXT and The WWE Network however several of the franchise's most loyal fans are becoming more and more disgruntled at the babyface characters and the lack of reality in current promo's and feuds. 

Costly decision

The WWE are well aware of how the lack of chair shots and violence are causing a rumble within the crowds with the WWE already losing popular superstars such as CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio and Batista reportedly in part due to their decision to prolong the PG era.

The Animal, Batista, partaking in a podcast interview hosted by WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin earlier this year expressed that he felt the company "lacked superstars of intensity and anger who could sell promo's and make it personal in the ring".

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PG in action

The WWE's current main storyline surrounds the Authority controlling the company with Randy Orton expected to turn babyface to fight the Authority in a storyline that looks set to climax at Wrestlemania 31.

However Monday Night Raw's latest instalment saw the Authority turn on Orton with the Apex predator visibly bleeding heavily from the head after a Seth Rollins curb stomp. Whether this was a genuine accident with Orton experiencing an injury or whether the WWE are trying to incorporate more anti PG material to appease the grumbling fans we don't know.

All that can be confirmed right now is that the Authority are well and truly in control of the WWE. 

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