LeBron and Cleveland Cavaliers players read fans tweets

LeBron is spending a lot of time looking confused these days (©GettyImages)

We have all seen the segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live in which he brings in celebrities and sports personalities alike to read mean tweets about themselves.

It often produces one of the funniest segments on the show and gives us a look at how some of the worlds biggest names react to their criticism.

Well the Cleveland Cavaliers have now made their own version of it with their own players but this time producing a segment called 'nice tweets'.

It features many of Cleveland tops stars including LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving reading their fans tweets.

Some lesser stars of the Cavaliers also feature including Joe Harris and Matthew Dellavedova as they make a terrific segment for their fans.


LeBron James is questionably the funniest in the video as he seems nothing more than confused by the tweet he receives.

"Much respect for you LeBron, but while you #striveforgreatness, I'm striving to get off the couch." - LeBron James' tweet from a fan

LeBron appears to be visibly confused by the tweet and even admits to not knowing how to react.

His was certainly the more confusing tweet whilst the others all kept fans laughing, like Kyrie Irving being asked to smile more for the camera.

Some nice words

Whilst LeBron gets respect and Irving is asked to smile more, Kevin Love was left looking at the camera after a pun was made with his name.

Center Anderson Varejao gets asked if a fan can rent an apartment in his hair whilst Dellavedova is told that a fan would like to make him into a deli sandwich.

Perhaps the most embarrassing tweet however was read out by Joe Harris who was told:

"You're going to be the MVP of this year's Cleveland Cavaliers team"

Not that embarrassing when read out, but considering the tweet was sent by Harris' grandma, it does create an awkward moment.

Irving's missing smile

Kyrie Irving was asked to smile more through his tweet and he promised to try but if the Cavaliers on-court results continue, that may be more difficult than first thought.

The Cavaliers are 1-3 this season and set to take on the Denver Nuggets tonight in a match which they will certainly be desperate to win.

See the video here:

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