San Antonio emerges as possible new city for the Oakland Raiders

Could the Oakland Raiders fans be set to lose their team to another state (©GettyImages)

The future of the Oakland Raiders is one of the least assured issues in the NFL these days.

Amidst the rumours of the team relocating away from Oakland, there is one key place being linked with the team.

Many NFL fans expect the Raiders to be the team to relocate and become the team of America's second largest city.

The calls for Los Angeles to once again have an NFL franchise are louder than ever before and it seems almost imminent to happen.

Of course the Raiders have history with the city of Los Angeles, they were once upon a time known as the LA Raiders.


The Raiders spent 12 years in the city as the LA Raiders and there are very few people fancying them to be going anywhere else.

However, it now appears that another city for the franchise has come forward, and it is already a championship winning city.

Whilst the NBA teams in LA aren't winning much these days with the LA Lakers having a terrible season last year and the LA Clippers only just getting back to themselves after the Donald Sterling saga.

Now it looks like the San Antonio Spurs are set to have an NFL franchise share their city as the officials from San Antonio look to be progressing in meeting team officials.

Former San Antonio City Mayor Henry Cisneros has labelled the city's chances of convincing the Raiders to move to Texas as '50/50'.

The ??? Raiders

Should the Raiders opt to move more inland to San Antonio as oppose to the beaches of LA, the question raises what would they be called.

Obviously either the San Antonio Raiders or the Texas Raiders would be an option but it would surely take some time before they become a common name amongst NFL fans.

The Raiders aren't the only team who are facing rumours of a relocation as speculation increases of a future franchise based in London.

With the St Louis Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars also on relocation watch these three teams could reshape the landscape of the NFL in the next five years.

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