Utah WR Kaelin Clay apologizes after early-celebration fail vs Oregon

Clay thought he was in

Utah wide receiver Kaelin Clay usually wouldn't mind being likened to NFL counterpart DeSean Jackson but after joining the Redskins WR in the esteemed group of players to have fallen victim to the ultimate celebration fail he might not be too happy with the comparison today.

Clay's 'play' might just eclipse Jackson's too. 

The wideout looked destined to run in a 78 yard touchdown versus Oregon after collecting a pass from quarterback Travis Wilson and running the ball to the end zone unopposed.

The only problem is Clay never made it to the end zone with ball in hand. Celebrating early, the player dropped the football around the one yard line in a scene reminiscent of DeSean Jackson's infamous 'drop' for the Eagles vs the Cowboys.

But it got worse for Clay and Utah.

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With the ball technically still live Oregon's Joe Walker picked up the football and, with help from his teammates, ran the ball all the way back for a touchdown for the Ducks.

Utah ended up losing the game 51-27 and it is fair to say Clay took his fair share of criticism for his role.

Taking to Twitter Sunday morning the WR attempted to rectify his mistake by apologizing to the fans for his "selfish actions".

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