Vikings' Adrian Peterson set to make NFL return in December

Finally some good news has come Peterson's way (©GettyImages)

Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson is set for an NFL comeback in December after it was revealed that the former NFL MVP would be given a suspension of less than six games, according to reports. 

Peterson entered a plea deal in his child abuse case last week and as a result the NFL Players Association has now demanded that the NFL reinstate Peterson immediately.

The NFL first want to obtain information relating to Peterson's court case before they reinstate him following the NFL's decision to place him on the commissioner's exemption list, which was a decision originally made to last until his legal proceedings had been concluded, which they now have.

Back in December

It is understood that the league is attempting to deal with the Peterson situation as quickly as possible, but despite the delays, NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport believes that the star running back will return to the field in December, with the NFL insider revealing that's the consensus amongst his football sources.

"Adrian Peterson has filed for reinstatement and there is now supposed to be a hearing this week if the NFL turns down his request for reinstatement," Ian Rapoport explained on NFL Network.

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"Now we know the NFL is reviewing this case under the personal conduct policy, which means Peterson faces a six-game suspension.

"I'm told his suspension could be fewer than six games, which means he could be back in December. It is highly likely that there will be a compromise based on time served and loss of pay."

Vikings not on the same page

But despite these comments from Ian Rapoport, Adrian Peterson's status at the Vikings is still up in the air because of a dispute at an executive level about whether or not Minnesota should reinstate Peterson in their team.

The bad publicity that has come with Peterson's child abuse charge and subsequent suspension have obviously not shown the Vikings in a good light.

Plenty of reports have suggested that Minnesota might be in the mood to trade Peterson in the offseason, and as such, they might be reluctant to see him return to the field.

On the other hand, if the Vikings somehow find themselves in playoff contention when Peterson is able to play, the win at all costs mentality may kick in and at the point it's likely that the Vikings would let him play the rest of the season as the main back.

This is an ongoing story and one that will change day to day. Watch this space.

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