WWE: CM Punk explains how wrestling has helped him in Marvel comic role

CM Punk is taking talents to Marvel Comins

CM Punk's return to the WWE looks about as far off as ever as we approach the end of 2014. 

Branching out

The Chicago native hasn't been seen in a WWE ring since January's Royal Rumble and has been conspicuous by his absence from the public eye in recent months. But after taking some time away from the limelight it seems that Punk is set to embrace one of his major passions aside from wrestling - comic books.

Featuring as a guest writer in an upcoming edition of Marvel's Thor comic book series, Punk recently conducted an interview with the major comic corporation and he had some interesting views on just how his wrestling background can help him in his new venture.

"Wearing tights in front of thousands of people and kind of, almost play-acting, I think down the road, it might give me some sort of insight."

Life lessons from the WWE

Famed for his incredible mic work and attention to detail which helped to create the memorable CM Punk persona that has been so tough for the WWE to replace, you might expect Punk to see a crossover between his creative work in the wrestling business and writing a comic book story.

Instead though it seems that it is the hard knocks and reality checks that life as a professional wrestler brings that have left the biggest impression on him.

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"Wearing tights in front of thousands of people and kind of, almost play-acting, I think down the road, it might give me some sort of insight depending on what kind of characters I'm writing and what the story is, but I'm not really sure it (the WWE) prepared me so much for being able to script a comic book.

"I'm definitely prepared to fall flat on my face...If anything (wrestling) got me used to understanding that failure is part of a process, and the only real failure is if you don't try.

"I could be nervous and bite my fingernails, worried that I think my book is gonna be a piece of crap, but I could be not doing it, and that would be the true failure."

Lasting impression

The relentlessly tough lifestyle of a WWE Superstar is said to be one of the major factors behind CM Punk's decision to jump ship from the company earlier this year. But it is clear that his time performing, and learning from his mistakes, in front of huge audiences on a regular basis continues to influence him as he begins a new chapter in his life.

It remains to be seen whether the now former WWE star will continue his comic book writing efforts beyond the release in February's Thor Annual #1, or whether an eventual return to pro wrestling will be on the cards. All we know for sure is that Punk is never afraid to take a risk, so pretty much anything could happen!

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