LeBron James says sorry to Cavs fans for not dunking

LeBron hasn't looked himself in Cleveland (©GettyImages)

The Cleveland Cavaliers have made an inauspicious start to the 2014/15 NBA season, failing to hit the ground running with their squad full of star players and big names.

One such disappointment has been that of LeBron James, the focal point of the entire Cavs team and their biggest acquisition in the off-season. 

LeBron hasn't quite been at the level of what we saw from him with the Miami Heat down in South Beach over the past four years, and James has actually come out and apologized to the Cleveland faithful for one area of his game which has been completely absent.

No Dunk Zone

Knowing that it is what the fans want to see, LeBron has actually come out and apologized for the lack of rim-shaking dunks during his short spell with the Cavs to date.

“I apologize I haven’t been above the rim, but I’m in the lineup,” James stated. “Whatever it takes to help us win.”

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It’s possible James could have been also apologizing to his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates as well considering he knows how much his jams can change the tilt of games.

“I understand those are huge momentum plays,” James said. “We haven’t had too many fastbreak opportunities, as I have in the past. In the halfcourt they kind of put a lot of bodies in front of me. I’ve been able to find open guys.”

Something's Different

James really hasn't looked himself so far this season. He has lost a whole bunch of weight ahead of this time back with the Cavs and currently has a measly three dunks in the five games that he has played. That is compared to previous seasons where he has finished 7th, 5th, 7th and 8th in the whole of the league in dunks.

The dunk is one of the ways that LeBron shows his true dominance. When he rises high and slams it down with authority everybody on the court, in the arena, and at home goes "damn!" and gets reminded of just how much of a physical specimen he is.

When James isn't showing that level of athletic tenacity and domination he loses some of his mystique. But obviously, we are only five games into the season and it is too early to start over-analysing LeBron around the basket just yet.

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