LeBron James agrees that his kids shouldn't play football

LeBron playing in the Cleveland Cavaliers win over the Denver Nuggets (©GettyImages)

Cleveland Cavaliers Forward LeBron James has aligned himself with some pretty big names in the debate over letting their children play football.

The Cavaliers player has had his say on the matter and claimed that he won't be letting his children play the sport.

After the increased attention to head injuries in later life of some of the players LeBron has also agreed that it is best for his children to avoid the sport altogether.

LeBron himself played football in high school and was a Wide Receiver, but it now seems that the James children won;t get that experience.

It will now mean that LeBron's children will only be able to excel at basketball, baseball or even soccer.


LeBron isn't the only man to outlaw the sport amongst his children and he is actually following in the footsteps of some great men.

NFL legends Kurt Warner and Brett Favre have said they would rather their children didn't play the sport that made them famous.

If arguably the biggest name to play Quarterback in the NFL is against his children playing the sport, what hope does the future hold.

It's not just former players who are restricting their children, President of the United States Barack Obama has spoken out against letting his son play the sport.

Obama may not actually have a son but his opinion is valid and with the names lining up in opposition of letting their children play, perhaps participation numbers will drop.

Shouldn't be focused on football

LeBron has been speaking as a concerned parent but in reality should he be focussing on football right now?

The Cavaliers are playing the New Orleans Pelicans tonight as they look to finally escape their losing record as they stand at 2-3 so far this season.

The Cavaliers were heavily expected to run riot over teams this season after bringing in big names such as James, Kevin Love and Shawn Marion.

However they have ended up with a losing record after five games and rumours of friction between LeBron and Kyrie Irving are rife.

It may be early in the season but it may be better for LeBron to keep his eyes on how the Cavaliers are going to pull things together.

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