The NBA strips LeBron James of his most recent triple-double

LeBron James in action against the Denver Nuggets  (©GettyImages)

After the buzzer sounded to conclude a 118-111 home victory for the Cleveland Cavaliers over the New Orleans Pelicans, the box score illuminated the fact that LeBron James had earned his first triple double of the new NBA season.

As of Tuesday that was no longer that case after the NBA reviewed the footage of the contest and stripped James of his first triple double after rejoining his hometown team this summer.

The NBA office reviews every game and makes adjustments where they see fit, after watching the Cavaliers first home win of the season they realised that James had unjustly been given one extra rebound and assist in the game.

LeBron James stat-line officially stands at 32 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists after the unwarranted additions made by the Cavaliers statistician have been discredited.

However we suspect that the subtractions are not going to bother the King who was just pleased to get a win on home court which had not be delivered to his adoring fans so far this season.

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James all about helping his team

Personal statistics have never been of great importance to LeBron James, often described as the most unselfish superstar of the modern era, his ability to help out his teammates in all aspects of the game is what he values the most.

After the win over the Pelicans, he was asked what pleased him most about his game, he responded:

"The assists and rebounding, to be able to help my guys out on the glass and get them open looks, I don't care about the points those things will come, help the bigs out on the glass and get guys like this (pointing to Kyrie Irving) the ball where they can score, so that pleases me."

The misnomer assist for LeBron came off a rebound that he tipped to his teammate after a Tyreke Evans miss, Tristan Thompson received the ball and fired the outlet pass for Kyrie Irving to drive and score on the fast break.

When reviewed, the assist being awarded to James is rather laughable, whether Thompson deserves an assist on the play is debatable, so it seems clearly a case of padding the 'Kings' stats at home.

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