Tim Wiese set to make WWE debut this weekend

It will take time for Tim Wiese to be as experienced in WWE as John Cena  (©GettyImages)

It is not an unusual occurrence for former sports men and women to turn their careers into ones involving being a WWE Superstar.

Having already been in top physical shape, as well as being used to travelling for a lot of the year, the jump from one sport to wrestling is one which is often made.

This is no exception for retired Germany goalkeeper Tim Wiese who is due to make his debut as part of the WWE on Saturday at WWE Live in Frankfurt.

Having been let go by Hoffenheim, who play in Germany's Bundesliga in January, Wiese has taken up body building in order to follow his dream of being a professional wrestler.

Since then, the 32-year-old has impressed the biggest company in professional wrestling and will begin his career publicly during the event which takes place this weekend.

WWE debut

Though it has been reported that no formal contract has been signed and no definite deal has been made between the former footballer and WWE, his in-ring debut this weekend will be more for the popularity he has in his home country.

With most WWE Superstars standing at well over 6ft tall and with the likes of John Cena and Brock Lesnar weighing in at over 250lb, there is no question that Wiese will have a lot to complete with should his WWE career develop further.

He has however come along way from his footballing physique, having clearly put an enormous amount of effort into improving his body mass in preparation for the career change.

Confident attitude

Speaking to Bild in September, the 32-year-old explained his feelings towards the offer from WWE:

"I got an official request from the WWE. It’s for a commitment from me to become a pro wrestler...Why should I say no? Wrestling is very popular especially in the United States. I will discuss the offer in the next few weeks with my agent. I am not scared."

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Though Wiese is just starting out in the wrestling circle, it has been said that he would need at least a year training before he would be fully prepared to compete with the likes of Randy Orton and John Cena. 

The thought of competing in the ring with experienced WWE Superstars like that may well make the ex-keeper a little more scared. 

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