WWE: CM Punk challenged to fight by musician three years after original offer

Punk won't be too worried by the offer

In the months following CM Punk's official departure from the WWE it is fair to say fans have been swamped with rumors, counter-rumor and bizzare stories concerning the former WWE Champion.

But today's news regarding the Chicago born Superstar might just be the most bizarre yet.

Bad blood

Three years after Punk took to Twitter to challenge Ben Foster, lead singer of band The Screeching Weasel, to a fight the musician has now finally responded by urging any female fans he has to attend an upcoming Chicago gig in order to beat up the wrestler on his behalf.

Original disagreement

Before continuing we feel it necessary to explain the back story to this one a little further.

Back in 2011 the singer, whilst appearing at SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, was caught on camera allegedly punching two females - one an audience member, the other the owner of the bar he was performing in. 

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CM Punk, unhappy with Foster's treatment of the women, took to Twitter in the aftermath to propose a more equal fight.

Radio silence followed for the next three years with no sign of a response from Foster. Now though, perhaps spurred on by the fact Punk is no longer a bonafide WWE Superstar, the singer has penned an open letter via the band's Facebook page.

"I don't believe our female fans are delicate flowers in need of the protection of some oily mouth-breather who runs around in his underwear pretending to fight other men for a living."

Rallying Call

Punk is, at various points, described as a "washed up, burnt-out, has-been" as well as a "slobbering nitwit" and a "oily mouth-breather who runs around in his underwear."

The main gist of the message however seems to be Foster attempting to acquire the help of as many females as he can to "teach him a lesson."

The entire text can be read via this link but after attempting to explain his 2011 actions and lamenting Punk, the lead singer ends with a rallying call of sorts.

"So I'm challenging all our female fans - including all our M-F transgender fans - to stand up with us on stage at our show in Chicago on 11/22 and challenge the big goon to a fight. He thinks it's so easy to slug a chick? Let's see him try!

"This is not a joke. If you're up to the challenge and can throw a solid punch, or even just kick a gym-muscled bully in his shrivelled-up, steroid-ravaged nuts, post in this thread. Our road manager Kotton will contact you if we can use your help."

Unlikely encounter

We would like to hope that no female fans of The Screeching Weasels (if they have any) opt to take Foster up on their offer, but judging by CM Punk's opinions on the singer we doubt the now former WWE Superstar would be in attendance at the upcoming gig anyway.

Even if he is itching for a return to fighting action.

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