The worst trick play in College Football history

Cal completely messed up this fake punt (©GettyImages)

Trick Plays are awesome. When they are done well they astound and amaze fans in the stadium and at home to no end.

When they are done badly, you become a laughing stock.


Well that is the fate that has come of the California Golden Bears. The Bears were already getting absolutely hammered by the USC Trojans half way through the second quarter so decided to mix things up, with disastrous consequences.

Cal was losing 28-2 to the Trojans at this point and needed anything to get some momentum. What better than a fake punt right ? 

I would be fine with this call, if it wasn't for the fact that Cal was on its own 31-yard line! You lose all sympathy when you go for it in that area. None. Zip. Nada.

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This is just pathetic. Punter Cole Leininger attempted a pass to junior safety Stefan McClure, but it fell incomplete.

I have absolutely no idea what Leninger was doing with his high knees, and extra scorn must go on the Cal special teams coach who decided that running a passing play with a guy who by the looks of it has never thrown a football in his life, was a good idea.

So, is this the worst trick play of All-Time or have you seen any bigger epic screw ups? Tell us in the comments below...

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