Jameis Winston is scaring off NFL agents

Jameis Winston has a long history of problems (©GettyImages)

Jameis Winston is arguably the best quarterback in college football right now. Sorry Marcus Mariota, but the Florida State star is the best pocket passer in the country right now and will thrive in the NFL.

However, a whole host of NFL agents and representatives have revealed that they are not even thinking about taking on the potential future Pro Bowler when he enters the league next year.

According to reports from TMZ Sports, Winston is scaring off potential agents thanks to his multiple run-ins with authorities.

A No Go

One agent, who reps several Pro Bowl NFL stars, told TMZ; "It's been a topic of conversation at the agency. Everyone around the table feels it's best to be hands off. Personally, I wouldn't touch him."

Another big agent, who also reps several NFL superstars, tells us he doesn't even want Jameis on the same teams as his clients.

"I wouldn't want him playing with my guys -- too much of a distraction." - NFL agent on Jameis Winston

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The agent continued, "He’s a great athlete but he has too much going on off the field. We don't want that kind of drama around here."

Chequered Past

Winston has a down-right sordid past that ranges from claims of rape and sexual assault, to stealing from a local supermarket and damaging private property in BB gun fights. Shouting obscenities in public and taking soda from a fast food chain round off his chequered past that has led to some NFL GM's not wanting him on their team.

Despite being a better NFL style quarterback than Mariota, and being undefeated in his college career, Winston will probably only be the second QB off the board come Draft time next year.

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