Genclerbirligi chairman wants to ban players with beards

Cavcav is not a happy man. (©GettyImages)

Ilhan Cavcav, the chairman of the Turkish side Genclerbirligi, hates beards. So incensed, in fact, is Cavcav by the prospect of players sporting facial hair that he is prepared to fine any of his own who decide to do so.

Cavcav is something of a hypocrite given that he has a rather resplendent thatch located underneath his nose, although perhaps he has simply taken the decision to raise money for Movemeber.

But if any Genclerbirligi players stray from a well-groomed moustache to a more straggly beard they can expect to be hit in the pocket to the tune of £7,150 - and Cavcav has explained the reasons behind this stance.


“I am 80 years old, and I shave every single day … Man, is this an imam-hatip school? You are a sportsman. You should be a model for the youth,” Cavcav he told the Dogan news agency.

It is, however, not just his players under scrutiny but Turkish football as a whole, with Besiktas manager Slaven Bilic, Besiktas midfielder Olcay Sahan, Fenerbahce goalkeeper Volkan Demirel and Galatasaray midfielder Selcuk Inan all targets for Cavcav.

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Nationwide ban

He has even gone so far to speak to the Turkish Football Federation to propose a ban on beards across the country’s football structure but, to his dismay, they have been unwilling to heed his recommendations.

Cavcav added: “[They] told me that they could not impose such a restriction because Uefa would not let them do it.

“I am fed up with this Uefa. I wish we had some other place to play our football.”

What do you make of Cavcav’s comments? Should beards be banned? And, while we’re here, what else in football should be banned?

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