Jaguars corner Dwayne Gratz arrested trying to pay with gum

Dwayne Gratz playing for the Jags (©GettyImages)

Dwayne Gratz has enjoyed a great start to his career as a cornerback in the National Football League.

The former Connecticut standout has been the Jacksonville Jaguars starting cornerback ever since he entered the league as a third round pick in 2013 and was receiving praise for his play.


Well he was being praised, until this week when it all stopped as the 23-year old was arrested for maybe the stupidest thing in NFL history.

The NFL's resume as the biggest, most watched and most loved sport in the United States has been blotted by it's awful arrest record. An average of one player is arrested every week of the season and this year has been no different, with the high profile cases of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson generating plenty of negative headlines.

By Gum

So what did Gratz do then? Did he attack his wife like Rice, his child like Peterson, or did he claim he had a bomb at an airport like Aldon Smith? Nope, Gratz was arrested for trying to pay for some food with chewing gum.

Yep that's right, the Jags cornerback was arrested after he was found drunk in a convenience star trying to pay for some snacks with bubble gum.  Gratz was arrested just before 6 a.m. on Sunday after a disturbance in a Miami Beach store, per the Florida Times-Union's Ryan O'Halloran. 

When police arrived, they noted that Gratz had "bloodshot eyes" and was detained by them after he refused to leave the store. According to Miami Beach Police, Gratz left jail on Monday at 6 a.m. He missed Monday's practice session with the Jaguars.

It looks like Roger Goodell is going to have to update that players guidebook with bubble gum related crimes. Freaking bubble gum.

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