Pittsburgh Steelers safety Mike Mitchell tells fan to kill himself

One Pittsburgh star is walking the tightrope of Steelers employment after abusing fan  (©GettyImages)

Pittsburgh Steelers are well known for embroiling themselves in controversy every now and then. It comes with the territory of being known as one of the most physical franchises in NFL history.

But what they are not known for is disrespecting their own fans. Well, that was until Monday night after Pittsburgh prevailed in a close encounter on Monday Night Football.

The Steelers defeated the Tennessee Titans 27-24 on the road, but the game could have easily been won by the Titans until Le'Veon Bell led the way with a magnificent performance.

Steelers star faces criticism

But it seems some Steelers' fans were not happy with their team's performance, with several fans taking to Twitter and sending direct messages of disapproval the way of Pittsburgh safety Mike Mitchell in particular.

I know what you're thinking, what has the player done wrong so far? Well, here is where it gets interesting, stupid and disturbing.

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Horrific response to criticism

Not satisfied with being the bigger man and not responding to the criticism of his own fans, Mitchell bit on the criticism after the game and fired back his own response.

Responding to some abuse telling him where to go, Mitchell responded, "Lol I'll do no such thing. You on the other hand, kill yourself." 

Stupid and disturbing move

Mitchell sent the direct message thinking that he would be able to get away with his offensive comments, but naturally, the fan simply screen shot his comments and sent them out to the rest of the world.

This decision by the Steelers star to come out with such offensive remarks is a terrible one on two fronts. The first is that it's such a stupid move from Mitchell, he should know by now that everything you say online can come back to haunt you.

But also, secondly, these remarks are disturbing. He didn't just decide to swear at the fan, he went and told him to 'kill yourself'. That is disturbing to the extreme, and Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin should think long and hard about whether he should fire the safety for abusing his own fan in such a way.

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