Nebraska Cornhusker fans must realize they need Bo Pelini

Bo Pelini (©GettyImages)

Hey, did you hear the Nebraska Cornhuskers lost 59-24 on Saturday against Wisconsin?

Oh and did you hear they had a 17-3 lead in the first quarter and then fell flat on their faces? And did you hear Melvin Gordon broke a record against the Huskers as well? Of course you have and on top of all of this Bo Pelini is once again on the hot seat. Seriously? The hot seat with an 8-2 record is absurd. 

Placing the blame

Sure I understand Husker fans are ready to get over the hump and play for a championship. But this isn't Bo Pelini's fault. Nebraska is very close. Closer than fans think. Sure we have seen the meltdowns and games where Pelini looks clueless on what to do but what coach hasn't had that happen?

Tough competition

Bo is in an elite class of coaches. I'm not saying he is elite at all, he would have to win a championship first to even be considered. Bo Pelini, Tom Osborne, Larry Coker, and Barry Switzer are the only other coaches to have 9 win seasons in their first five years, in BCS conferences that is. 

Sounds like some pretty decent company if you ask me. Sure the head coach gets all the attention. When something goes wrong it is always his fault, or that's what people and the media think. But have people been watching the games that closely or just watching the scoreboard?

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The defense has been questionable. The linebackers have yet to define themselves as true linebackers. The only one that I see who has played consistently well is Zaire Anderson. The secondary has been pretty solid for the most part. There has been a few busted coverages but overall not too bad. The D-line has been great and very consistent besides this last game against Wisconsin. 

Offensive woes

The offense is what is holding the Huskers back. They have no identity. You can say "Yeah we run the ball." Yeah but not very good. Sure they have a tremendous talent in Ameer Abdullah, but after that they don't have much. Yes Nebraska are able to spread the field and run with Ameer.

But when the Huskers decide to call a play with the field spread and run wide with Imani Cross, that's not going to work ever. The O-line has been hit and miss and that is more miss than hit. Missed blocks and no motor is things I notice when watching.

I wish Nebraska could throw the ball but they simply can't. Tommy Armstrong has not made strides as a passer. He is a great runner, and I mean great. I wish I could say he was a dual threat Quarterback but he lacks the part where he can't throw.

Nebraska has a great receiving core but that doesn't matter if Tommy can't throw the ball to them. Tommy has a 51% completion percentage and 14 touchdowns to 9 interceptions.

That will not cut it.

Changes required but not at coaching position

The play calling needs to change. The Huskers need to find an identity and they need to work with their quarterback and help him build confidence. 

I, myself, am a Husker fan and want nothing more than a championship. But putting Bo Pelini on the hot seat will not do it folks. It takes a team and a whole coaching staff. Your Huskers are so close fans. Bo Pelini is the kind of coach Nebraska needs. A no-nonsense guy who preaches fundamentals and cares about his players. They just need some retooling and adjustments. And one of them is not firing Bo Pelini.

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