NFL scout: Jameis Winston is a "nightmare" quarterback

Jameis Winston has had a mixed season for the Florida State Seminoles (©GettyImages)

Star college quarterback Jameis Winston will be heading to the NFL Draft next year with expectations high about where he will go in the 2015 NFL Draft.

But Jameis Winston isn't a fully blown superstar yet, and there are plenty of people that doubt his ability.

Nightmare quarterback 

Those people include some of the most important personnel on NFL teams, the scouts. And Winston's reputation amongst those scouts has reached an all-time low after a mixed season.

Winston led the Florida State Seminoles to a National Championship in his freshman season while he also picked up the Heisman Trophy for his incredible effort.

But despite the Seminoles unbeaten record in his second season, his mixed displays have forced an unnamed scout to slam the quarterback's ability.

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"I would be deathly scared to have him. He's so freaking inaccurate to start games," the scout said. "He's off the mark more than he's on. He has arm strength and a good delivery. He's a nightmare."

These comments are pretty damning when you consider that they come from an active NFL scout, albeit one that wasn't willing to speak on the record.

Understandable comments 

The thought process of this particular scout and his opinions shouldn't just be swept under the carpet, with NFL teams around the league likely to be thinking the same things right now.

We have seen it too many times in the last few seasons. Plenty of mobile QBs have come into the league but what's failed them is their passing accuracy. Think Geno Smith, EJ Manuel, RG3, the list goes on. It doesn't matter how promising you look in college, in the pros you have to be accurate more often than not because it will eventually come back to bite you, as Colin Kaepernick has found out this season.

Winston may make it in the NFL but he will have to improve his passing accuracy if he's to become an NFL star.

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