Seattle Seahawks are the NFC's top dog yet again

Seattle, flying high once again (©GettyImages)

Two thirds of our planets surface is covered by water. The rest of it is covered by Seattle’s secondary. The Legion of Boom is back and just in time to make a serious playoff run.

Nobody should be surprised at the Seahawks' recent surge up power rankings all over the world. They are, after all, the reigning Super Bowl Champions after knocking off the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning in one of the most lopsided championship games in living history.

And yet it is surprising that Seattle are so strong yet again. Not least because of their up and down start to the season, which left them 3-3 after a loss to an Austin Davis lead St. Louis Rams team, but also due to the fact that it is historically incredibly difficult to repeat in the NFL.

Early-season struggle brought doubters 

Watching Seattle’s early struggles this year, it was difficult to avoid noticing an almost Oakland Raiders-esque lack of explosiveness from their turgid offense (in no universe is Doug Baldwin a legitimate number one receiver) whilst questioning whether the losses of Red Bryant and Chris Clemons to free agency this year had irrevocably hurt their defence.

And what did we learn? Mainly, to never doubt Pete Carroll. The former USC man has overseen quite a turnaround in fortunes since the week 7 defeat to the Rams. They’ve picked up only one loss since then (to a Jamaal Charles inspired KC Chiefs) and through the last four weeks have given up a grand total of 27 points, 13 of which came in three games against division rivals.

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Perfect timing for the Seahawks 

This is especially significant, as the Seahawks resurgence happens to have coincided with a bit of implosion from the rest of the NFC West. The Cardinals have struggled mightily since losing Carson Palmer to an ACL tear, the 49ers seem to be spending most of their time arguing over whether of not they can stand Jim Harbaugh anymore (despite three NFC championship games and a Super Bowl appearance in recent years), and the St. Louis Rams are still riding the Sam Bradford induced quarterback merry-go-round that is the Austin Davis/Shaun Hill dilemma.

Not only is the divisional crown within Seattle’s grasp, the entire conference currently seems ripe for the plucking. A rampant Buffalo defensive line bullied the previously imperious Green Bay Packers. The Eagles are currently led by Sanchez and the Cowboys seem to be one Tony Romo injury away from utter oblivion. That leaves Detroit (how does one realistically trust Matthew Stafford?) and the NFC South, which, with the best will in the world to the good people of New Orleans, Carolina, Atlanta and Tampa Bay, doesn’t count.

If Green Bay can secure the number one seed and ensure they spend the playoffs laughing at visitors freezing on Lambeau field then they will represent the biggest threat to the ‘Hawks. Aaron Rodgers seems to lead a different team at home. And DeMarco Murray running behind the ‘Boys’ monstrous O-line is a genuinely horrifying prospect for any defense. Ultimately, however, it’s difficult to avoid imaging Seattle emulating their quarterback by wriggling away from trouble and inexplicably finding success (and a first down) where none could previously be found. Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll might just get it done again.

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