Manny Pacquiao or Amir Khan: Who should get a shot at Floyd Mayweather?

How long left for 'Money'? (©GettyImages)

There are many ways to describe Floyd Mayweather’s career as a boxer. Ethereal. Transcendent. And now, perhaps, dwindling. At the tender age of 37 it’s difficult to contend with the fact that ‘Money’ is anything but in the twilight of his career.

But before he goes gently into that good night there’s still the opportunity for a few more big-money bust-ups. As long as that sweet, sweet PPV cash is still up for grabs, then we can be certain that the highest-paid athlete in professional sports is going to continue his hunt for chumps to beat up.


Only the main contenders for Floyd’s next production aren’t chumps at all (nor in fairness are many of the man’s conquests, he just makes them look as such). For the two men vying for attention are none other then the legendary Manny Pacquiao and Britain’s own Amir Khan.

The favourite would currently appear to be the Filipino. Finally. Should the number 1 in most P4P rankings deign to fight the current number 3 then boxing fans worldwide would let out a large sigh of relief. At long last, the fight that should have happened years ago will finally be on our screens (admittedly only after forking over a rather hefty some of money).


But don’t count out the Bolton native yet. Admittedly his career has been far bumpier then either of his more storied contemporaries, with disappointing losses to inferior fighters blighting his career since his Olympic medal. And yet, his technical ability and insane speed is virtually unparalleled by all except for his target and the man looking to beat him to the punch (so to speak).

Who deserves it? Hard to say exactly. Most would argue in favour of Pac-Man for his legendary career and longevity. He’s not a bad boxer either. Khan could finally crack the elite rank should he get his shot, though arguing his case will be tough and the outcry should Manny be ducked once again will be loud and unrelenting.

As for the fight itself, either way the viewer wins. The build-up to a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight has been so long in the making that it’s difficult to imagine anything short of an explosion as years and years worth of tension pour out into the ring.


And yet Khan, with his precision and lightning reflexes, may be one of the few fighters on the planet equipped with the tools to really test the champion (not to mention the fact that Floyd’s never really had a reputation as a huge puncher, meaning Kahn’s supposed glass chin should be safe from shattering).

Both have argued heartily for the opportunity. Both are deserving contenders. Yet only one will step into the ring, watched by millions around the world, and do battle with one of the greatest of all time. Pacquiao may be the favourite, but either way, everyone (including Mayweather’s bank balance) wins.

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