Carl Froch told to agree DeGale fight or be stripped of title

Froch and Degale (©GettyImages)

Carl 'The Cobra' Froch has been told that he must agree a deal to face his IBF mandatory challenger James DeGale by the end of the month or be stripped of the title.

Froch, aged 37 from Nottingham, has become one of the biggest names in British boxing by facing the best out there time after time and has earned the right at this stage of his career to call the shots.

Froch deserves to decide who he wants to fight now and a fight with fellow Brit DeGale is just not what he is looking for. He has just seen off a younger, rising British super-middleweight in George Groves and he has his eyes set on a Las Vegas show-down.

Froch Wants Vegas

Everyone knows that Froch wants to fight Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, who is of course the son of legendary fighter Julio Cesar Chavez. Chavez Jr has a huge fanbase and a fight in Las Vegas would be a high profile and lucrative one for Froch.

The fight would be dual pay-per-view and with the style of the two men would make for a highly entertaining fight to watch.

Sticky Issues

There are however a number of issues for the fight, including the IBF ruling that Froch must vacate his belt if he wants to fight Chavez Jr. Froch is not the sort of man who likes to just hand over belts and he is reluctant to do so but at this point in his career the belts aren't the most important thing to him.

Chavez Jr also has promotional issues with Bob Arum's Top Rank which appear to be taking a long time to sort out and could potentially end any chances of the fight taking place.

Froch Likely To Vacate

In all likelihood Froch will relinquish the IBF title and DeGale will face one of Froch's former opponents, Andre Dirrell, for the title. Dirrell holds just one loss on his record and that is to Froch himself. He is a slick, well-schooled boxer who would present a tough test for DeGale to try and overcome.

Degale Confidence

DeGale would be confident of beating Dirrell but it is clear that the man he wants to face is Froch. The Froch fight is a bigger fight and DeGale truly believes that his style is all wrong for his would-be opponent. DeGale is a tricky southpaw who seems completely rejuvenated since joining Matchroom's promotional stable.

Froch To Retire

If Froch doesn't get to fight Chavez Jr than he has said that he may well retire from the sport. To walk away from the sport at this point wouldn't be a bad choice for Froch, who will go off being remembered as the man to settle the biggest fight in British boxing history in emphatic fashion.

His devastating knock out win over Groves last year at Wembley stadium will live long in the memory of all those present and all boxing fans in general. There will be no other fight that will come close to capturing the public's imagination as the Groves fight did.

If Froch was to end his time in the ring then leaving on that fight is an amazing way to do so but there still appears a desire for a couple more fights yet.

Golovkin Fight?

A fight that would have fight fans drooling would be against the destructive Kazakh Gennady Golovkin. Golovkin has destroyed every man in his path so far as a professional and looks like an absolute machine in the ring,

Golovkin and his promotional team have mentioned that they would move up in weight to fight Froch but the money would have to reward Froch for the huge risk he would be taking. Golovkin is a very dangerous fighter with knock out power in either hand but he hasn't fought anyone near the class of Froch yet.

Fight Fans Licking Their Lips

The thought of Froch and Golovkin squaring off in Britain is about as good as it gets for fight fans like myself. It would be an incredible blend of style and would surely be a cracking fight.

Whether the fight can be agreed is another question as Froch has joked before that Golovkin should be avoided at all costs. Froch isn't scared of any boxer in the world but he knows what a threat Golovkin possesses and at this stage of his career is he really going to want to take on such a fight?

Money The Key To Everything?

The answer is of course if the money is right. As it stands Froch will earn a significantly higher amount from fighting Chavez Jr than Golovkin. Chavez Jr is a very good fighter who also has an incredible chin but he is not as devastating a puncher as Golovkin so it makes complete sense to take on Chavez rather than Golovkin.

Yes, we the fans want to see the best fight the best but we also have to be realistic in realising that money rules this sport. You cannot expect someone to take on a tougher test for less money than an easier one. To do so would be completely illogical.

Froch can choose his next opponent if any at all and he should face no criticism what so ever as this is a man who has fought the best fighters in the world one fight after another like no other in recent years.

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