Jonny Depp played darts with Scott Mitchell

Mitchell was crowned BDO Darts Champion at the weekend (©GettyImages)

He's had scissors for hands, owned a chocolate factory and sailed the seas in the Caribbean. But now Jonny Depp has played Darts with the new BDO Word Darts Champion, Scott Mitchell.

And Darts is something the Hollywood star can add to his long list of talents. You'll all be wondering how Depp ended up playing Darts with Mitchell. 

In an interview with the BBC he revealed that he had been involved in the making of the film 'London Fields'.

Mitchell told them: "I'm a bit of a body double or stunt double, whatever you want to call it. 

"A very good friend involved me, my name was bantered around because I'm quite easy-going and grounded. I'm quite happy to sit around for three or four hours not doing anything, then get called on for 10 minutes and then back off.

"They'd say 'we need a 180 and a 140'. I'd jump on set and try to hit it."

London Fields is a story about a terminally ill writer who has suffered from writer's block for twenty years. Jonny Depp will play a small cameo role in the film. 

"He's a good guy and really talented at everything apparently, I put three darts in his hand and he asked where to throw, so I told him to throw for the bullseye.

"With his first three darts, he went 25, then missed, then 25. So I took the darts out of his hand. We don't want him playing, do we? We don't want him beating us."

Is there a possible future in Darts for one of the world's top Actors? He certainly impressed the newly crowned BDO champion so with that in mind, who knows what might happen...

Contrasting lives

Mitchell clinched the crown in a pulsating 7-6 win over three time champion Martin Adams at Lakeside. The win saw him earn £100,000 which is probably less than what Depp earns in a week. 

In comparison, while Depp can spend his money on new mansions, golf courses and swimming pools, Mitchell has decided to invest his prize money on tractors for the farm that his family own in Bransgore. 

Evidence that he really is a grounded bloke who doesn't forget his routes. 

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