Bruce Irvin of Seattle Seahawks finally explains how the Super Bowl brawl started

Bruce Irvin in the middle of that fight (©GettyImages)

Seattle Seahawks star Bruce Irvin has revealed how the huge brawl that marred the end of the Super Bowl came about.

The brawl in the end zone resulted in one man getting ejected and the New England Patriots gaining 15 yards to get out of the shadow of their own end zone and put the result beyond doubt with the Seahawks failing to repeat at Champions.

The man that was ejected, Seahawks star linebacker Irvin, has now come and out explained what went down as the fists started flying from both sides.

“I was protecting a teammate,” Irvin said told reporters in the aftermath. “Emotions flew.

"I saw somebody hit [defensive end] Mike Bennett, so I went and backed up my brother. I went about it wrong. Emotions were flying high and I apologize. But if it happened again, I would go protect my teammate. That’s just how it is.”

Irvin got in a shoving match with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, and then he was pushed from behind by New England's guard Ryan Wendell, which did not go down well with a Seahawks defense that had just seen a second Super Bowl ripped from their grasps by the offense.

Irvin then went into it more with Gronkowski with the two exchanging haymakers before Irvin showcased his MMA moves by performing a rather nice takedown of Gronk to the floor. The Patriots star didn't seem to upset about it all though.

"I don't know, they just started coming at us. We were just trying to take a knee," Gronkowski said. "Just happens, it's football, just emotions going."

It was certainly an exciting way to end a Super Bowl that was already packed with thrills in that last minute alone. But it seems certain that Irvin will be $50,000 lighter in the coming week or so.

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