The Broncos should be more worried about free agency than Manning

The Broncos playing the Colts in the divisional round of last seasons play-offs (©GettyImages)

The NFL season has only just finished and already the fans are gearing up for what is sure to be one of the biggest off-seasons in recent history.

With Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota entering the draft and some of the league's biggest players set to become free agents, we should see a fair share of twists and turns over the coming months.

The Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions are all set to lose some of their biggest players this off-season.

Everyone is asking who is set to lose most out of the top teams in the NFL? The New England Patriots could lose Darrelle Revis, the Lions could lose Ndamukong Suh and the Green Bay Packers are set to lose Randall Cobb.

This is set to be a make or break off-season for several teams, but the Denver Broncos may face a bigger challenge than anyone.


Broncos general manager John Elway already has his work cut out for him if he intends to hold on to many of his big stars.

Start with the biggest

Looking through some of the Broncos players set to hit free agency this year, their absences will cause shock waves through Denver.

The Broncos are set to lose 10 players to free agency but the biggest name for the fans to be worried over is quarterback Peyton Manning.

This year is seeing Manning surrounded by more rumours than ever before that he may be set to end his career and retire.

Should that happen the Broncos will face the unenviable task of replacing a future hall of fame quarterback and arguably the greatest ever to step foot on a field.

The big losses

Should Manning elect to play at least another year with the Broncos, the team will have secured the services of one of their key offensive weapons.

However there are three more for Elway to worry about and the chances of retaining the services of all three are quite slim.

Firstly, tight-end Julius Thomas and wide receiver Demaryius Thomas are set to hit free agency.

The two were key weapons utilised by the Broncos not just in 2014, but during their Super Bowl run in 2013.

The loss of either would be damaging to any team but with Manning's passing ability coming into question towards the end of last season, the more top quality receivers they have the better.

Should they lose both men, they will then be left relying on a good draft or some good recruiting from other free agents in order to maintain their spot as one of the top teams in the AFC.

As if losing Demaryius and Julius Thomas isn't bad enough, also set to hit free agency is wide receiver Wes Welker.

Welker is set to hit free agency but there are also rumours currently that the NFL veteran could be set to end his career entirely.

However it happens, losing Welker and even one of their other offensive weapons would leave the Broncos weakened and would open the AFC conference up for other teams to steal their place at the top.

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