Gus Malzahn forced to apologise after Auburn players attack PTSD suffering student

Guz Malzahn has been forced to apologise on behalf of the Auburn Football players (©GettyImages)

Auburn Tigers head coach Gus Malzahn has had to apologise to a female student at the university after she was verbally accosted by two members of the football team, according to

PTSD Suffering Veteran Attacked

This wasn't just any ordinary student though. No, Ashley Ozyurt is a former Air Force veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder because of a sexual assault that occurred during her time in the military.

Ozyurt uses a service dog to help her cope with the PTSD and the dog enables her to go to classes on campus without suffering any panic attacks or episodes. It was on the way to one of those classes that Ozyurt says she was verbally assaulted by two current Auburn football players.

Ozyurt wrote at length about the incident on a Facebook page devoted to people with service dogs, where it's been picked up by 'Service Dog Memes'.

Brought To Tears

Ozyurt alleges the two players were behind her and whistling at the dog and refused to stop when she asked them to quit acting as a distraction. The players then allegedly became hostile, firing verbal assaults that brought the PTSD sufferer to tears. 

From Ozyurt's account:

"Player number 79 moved towards me and proceeded to yell, “What do you want? HUH? Whats wrong with you, nobody’s bothering YOU. What are you gonna do? HUH?”... my service dog began to drag me away from the situation, one of them yelled, “THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT BITCH!”

The Attackers

The player's involved in the encounter were number 79, Andrew Williams and number 95, Dontavius Russell. According to Ozyurt's report it was Williams who verbally attacked her while Russell was just backing him up throughout the whole episode. 

It will surprise no one to learn that both of these immature, despicable idiots are freshman at the university. I sincerely hope they get what's coming to them.

“Auburn University condemns any behavior that is demeaning to those with disabilities,” a statement from the school began. “We’re investigating the reports and will take all appropriate action once all the facts are known.”

According to WTVM, Malzahn and assistant athletic director David Gunn called Ashley Ozyurt to apologize for the actions of the players, who were identified as freshmen defensive linemen Dontavius Russell and Andrew Williams

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