Julius Thomas could be set to leave the Denver Broncos

Julius Thomas in action for the Denver Broncos (©GettyImages)

The Denver Broncos are going to have an incredibly busy off-season with both Julius Thomas and Demaryius Thomas hitting free agency in the coming month or so. 

And it looks increasingly likely that the deadly duo will be split up in 2015 after it emerged that Julius Thomas is incredibly likely to be done in Mile High and wants to get out of Denver.

Ego's Collide

It probably doesn't help that Broncos general manager John Elway is straight up refusing to meet with Thomas' representatives to discuss any sort of negotiations whatsoever, according to a report from NFL.com.

"Elway does not yet have plans to sit down with Frank Bauer, the agent for tight end Julius Thomas. While those plans could change, no meeting would almost certainly stamp Thomas' ticket into free agency," Connor Orr wrote earlier today.

On Monday, Brandon Spano of BSN Denver claimed that Thomas turned down an eight-million per year contract offer from the Broncos at the beginning of the season.

"Julius is here to get his money and get out," one teammate reportedly told Spano last week. "That's just how some guys are. He didn't grow up playing this game and it's just not in his DNA to put it all out there." When asked if Julius Thomas was soft like some say, he said, " where there's smoke, there's fire."

Guaranteed Money?

Absolutely nowhere does it mention how much of that offer to Thomas was guaranteed. And when you consider that he has been paid just $2million in the last four years - including his signing bonus - you can hardly get angry with a player wanting that security.

Julius Thomas probably doesn't love football like other players do. He was a basketball player for years, who became a football player when he saw an opportunity. It turns out that he was damn good at football and became one of the most dangerous tight ends in the league, up there with Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham.

Playing Hurt and Injuries

When you add in to the fact that he has been hurt quite a bit to boot, there is no wonder that he wants to get a big chunk of guaranteed cash. The career of a football player is a limited one and every single person on the planet would want to get paid as much as they could, as quickly as they could. That's just a fact.

Then consider that Thomas was asked to play while severely hurt by head coach John Fox. The Broncos refused to let Thomas rehab correctly and put him out on the field to act as a decoy just so they could avoid playing a wildcard game. Honestly, it's no wonder he may want to get paid or go.

Thomas has been linked heavily with making a move to the Oakland Raiders. The 26-year old hails from Stockton, CA and his family is noted to be fans of the team, so with the Raiders obvious need for help on offense we could see Thomas lining up against his former team in the famous Silver and Black.

Denver fans, do you want Julius Thomas to stay or are you happy to see him go? Tell us in the comments below...

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