Manchester City supporters fully deserve club's recent success

Manchester City supporters fully deserve club's recent success (©GettyImages)

As the Manchester City faithful prepare themselves for the unexpected at the Etihad each match day, there is always one thing for certain, one guarantee, even more likely than the Citizens' faithful belting out a rendition of Blue Moon, and that is the chorus from the away team's support of "where were you, when you was s**t".

The suggestion being that the City fans were not around when the club was going through the hard days back in the lower divisions of the football league and have only recently started to follow them.

Besides this being extremely unoriginal, it also is factually incorrect and shows both the lack of knowledge and more than a tinge of jealously for what the club has managed to achieve since the takeover by Sheik Mansour in 2008.

No one would have begrudged the blue half of Manchester's new found riches prior to the takeover. In fact, many fans would have wished it for City if it could not happen to their own club.

That was due in part to City's loyal fans and the fact that the club had spent the best part of two decades in the shadow of their cross city rivals.

Watching United win title after title while at the same time falling through the trapdoor down to the third tier of English football.

There was also the thought that things might not go to plan and a "typical City" moment would be around the corner. This as you know did not happen and the club have managed to go from strength to strength, collecting the FA Cup, Community Shield, League Cup and two Premier League titles to date and have managed to grow the clubs financial and commercial network across the globe.

From what was once well wishes, comes bitterness and jealously that the club which was squarely in the shadows are now firmly in the spotlight. These sort of reactions are in part understandable from the established elite, fans of clubs who have been consistently at the top and take offence that little old City have crashed their party.

Remember where they came from

Asking where the City fans were during the low points is no surprise as it is doubtful their attentions were drawn to anything other than their own division.

The same however cannot be said for the fans of teams such as Stoke City and Wigan Athletic, both of which were in the depth's of Division 2 (League 1) alongside the Blues as the club recorded an average attendance of 28,261 on their way to gaining promotion via the play offs in 1999.

Does this mean that a case of amnesia has broken out amongst the opposition's fans or does it beg the question, not where were City fans but more to the point where were they?

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