Devon Dudley thinks WWE return is still possible

The Dudley Boyz are widely recognised as one of WWE's all-time most entertaining tag teams

Devon Dudley, one half of the most decorated tag teams in WWE history, has revealed that he's open to the possibility of reuniting with Bubba Ray in the company that made them household names.

The Dudley Boyz were a massive success story during WWE's glorious attitude era, not least for being one third of the epic TLC matches that also featured Edge and Christian plus the Hardy Boyz.

Devon's partner in crime Bubba Ray reminded WWE chiefs just how popular the duo were with a surprise cameo appearance at the Royal Rumble match in January, creating rumours that the veterans may be offered a return to the biggest show in town. That's something Devon is certainly willing to consider, telling Vince McMahon he'd love to talk terms over a return to WWE if the opportunity is there.

Should the Dudley Boyz come back?

In an interview with the 42-year-old was more than receptive about the idea of another run in the WWE, if its what the fans want.

Devon said: "I think there will always be interest in Bubba and I on going back home. Regardless of where we’ve been, WWE is our home. We might have been away from them for ten years but the WWE and the WWE Universe will always be the Dudley Boys home.

"When you look at us, whatever company we’re in whether TNA, Japan or what have you it’s still the Dudley Boys from WWE. We still have that stamp.

"Do I think one day it will still happen? Sure, anything’s possible. We would be definitely open to the WWE to want to talk and do business and help the younger talent and really help pass the torch because that’s what this is all about now."

New Age Outlaws a fair comparison

There's every chance Vince McMahon will seriously consider giving the Dudley Boyz a chance to bolster what still looks a weak tag-team roster, after all the New Age Outlaws have done a very similar job for the WWE in recent times.

Billy Gunn and the Road Dogg have provided valuable experience and opposition in semi-regular returns and there's no reason why the Dudley Boyz couldn't do the same, particularly when you consider the high level of competition Bubba or 'Bully Ray' has enjoyed as a top star in TNA over the last few years.

Los Matadores, The New Day and The Usos are all young teams looking to prove their worth and carve out a niche in the WWE, why not give them a regular partner with huge credibility and star power in the Dudley Boyz to work with if the financial side of any deal makes sense for both parties?

WWE fans, would you like to see the Dudley Boyz return on a regular basis moving forward? Let us know by having your say in the comment box below!

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