Serena Williams raises breast issues in American Vogue magazine

While I cannot claim to be a big reader of the fashion magazine American Vogue, I have been reliably informed by my girlfriend that appearing on the front cover is a very big deal… As a result, some publications that never feature tennis have gone racquet crazy after Serena Williams got the gig for a second time.

The American star is the world no.1 of her sport, and it appears that her appeal and interest has no bounds – she does more than just win Grand Slams.


Her long awaited return to Indian Wells last week hit the headlines, after many years away due to crowd abuse, and despite her withdrawal sue to injury, Serena can consider it a good week.

One thing is for sure, Serena was certainly proud of her solo appearance in the magazine, having previously featured as part of an Olympic special. A serial social networker, the 19-time Grand Slam champion posted plenty of pictures on Instagram – including one of her in a bikini reading her own feature.

While the American Vogue magazine covers tennis minimally, die-hard fans probably wouldn’t approve, there were something interesting that the 33-year-old mentioned about her famous physique.


One incident stands out, her great friendship with Caroline Wozniacki led to the Dane jokingly stuffing her bra and shorts back in 2012 during an exhibition match with each other; in reference to Serena’s busty figure.

Wozniacki explained at the time that it was a joke between the friends, also saying: “And hey, who wouldn’t want big boobs?”

In the magazine feature, Serena hinted that her large breasts weren’t actually helpful for her tennis career, and it certainly makes you consider – If Serena considers them to be an issue; how great has she been to win so much?


British youngster Heather Watson was recently praised for ending a tennis taboo of women stars suffering while on their periods, after she put her early Australian Open exit down to menstrual pains. Is large breasts another issue?

The subject also came to light last year in light of Simona Halep’s rapid ascension up the world rankings. The 22-year-old’s run to the French Open final in 2014 highlighted the fact that as a teenager she struggled to make an impact because of her 34DD bust size and she decided to have a reduction.

Halep noted that the extra weight caused injury issues and were generally quite uncomfortable while trying to play tennis to a world class standard.


Serena never took steps to alter her appearance, but her own admission of discomfort and Halep’s comments demonstrate that it must be an issue for a lot of upcoming stars.

Perhaps Serena’s latest stint in the headlines will give youngsters the confidence to make a decision that would best suit their lives and careers.

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