WWE: What to expect from WrestleMania this weekend

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With WrestleMania fast approaching, GiveMeSport has sat down with our four top WWE writers to discuss all things 'Mania.

From Roman Reigns' Heavyweight title hopes to the 'underrated' IC Championship ladder match, Gabriella De Feo, Raza Kazi, Michael O'Brien and Phillipa Hopwood have it covered.

Of course the event, which takes place Sunday 29 March, has a lot to live up to after last year's big shock - the ending of The Undertaker's streak.

It might be too much to expect any bombshell on that level, but there's plenty to keep WWE fans excited, nervous and, if a certain Reigns ends up with a certain belt, very, very upset.

Anyway, let's hand over to our quartet of WWE superfans for an in-depth WrestleMania preview...

Most looking forward to at WrestleMania?

PHILIPPA: The IC Championship ladder match, since Money in the Bank was made into it's own pay-per-view Wrestlemania has lacked something and I think this could be just that. Dean Ambrose stole the show in his first ladder match at last year's Money in the Bank and Dolph Ziggler and Luke Harper made TLC with their ladder match for the same title.

All 7 men who have been announced so far have reason to want to make this their WrestleMania moment and Daniel Bryan will be eager to top last year's success. The result doesn't even matter so much, because this will be the match of the night.

RAZA: Apart from the event and WrestleMania weekend as a whole, I'm looking forward to the night Rusev will have. I'm a big supporter of Rusev since his NXT days and I'm extremely happy to see him get a marquee match on his WrestleMania debut and to see how far he has come is great.

He has John Cena in his first ever WrestleMania and walks in defending the United States Championship. Many will argue that Cena winning will bring relevance to the gold once more but it would be fantastic to see Rusev remain undefeated at WrestleMania after a successful year.

GABRIELLA: A potential cash-in from Seth Rollins is probably the most exciting possibility at WrestleMania this year. Although there a number of impressive matches to look forward to on the card, the outcome of some of them has become predictable because of the lacklustre build up. With the event just days away we still aren't aware if a Rollins cash-in is even likely, but if it happens it will definitely be the highlight of the night.

MICHAEL: Given the health concerns surrounding the Undertaker over the past 12 months, I am more than a little intrigued to see how he performs - but I am also a little concerned that due to his poor performance at WrestleMania XXX, he could once again prove to be just a shell of his former self.

It will be good to see what the WWE will do with the idea, it will either prove to be a passing of the torch match to crown Wyatt as the next phenom of the WWE, or it will be the glorious send off to a storied career.

Change one thing about this year's WrestleMania

PHILLIPA: I wish NXT were involved. I really wanted WWE to put a fatal four way match between Hideo Itami, Finn Balor, Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville for a place on the main roster. I think the four guys have the pedigree and would have brought something extra to the biggest event of the year. It's sad that WWE doesn't think the same.

RAZA: On a similar theme, even though there's still time to add it as of this writing - I would have liked to see The Miz and Damien Mizdow get a singles match at WrestleMania. The two have provided great entertainment since they united and Mizdow has been more over than he ever has been and I thought based on the friction between the two over the last few months we would finally see the two get some time in the ring in a one-on-one match.

GABRIELLA: Without doubt the build-up for a number of the matches. There is no denying that it was always going to be difficult for WWE to compete with the success of last year's anniversary WrestleMania, but a lot more could have been done to promote a lot of what is on offer on the match card for this year's event.

For example, the IC Title ladder match will surely be an interesting one to watch, but the little hype surrounding it has made it seem like more of a joke than how important it actually is. The fact WWE have had little to no physical build up surrounding three of the biggest matches (Sting vs Triple H, Undertaker vs Wyatt and Lesnar vs Reigns) has made the show suffer as a whole in the build up to the event.

MICHAEL: Every year at WrestleMania, you hope to see the main event consist of the top heel and the top face superstar. Whilst Roman Reigns may not be the top face of the company, he is one worthy of his main event spot.

Brock Lesnar doesn’t deserve his spot in my opinion though, he became hated for disappearing with the title for three months last year but the second he began a feud with Seth Rollins, the fans were cheering him.

So the thing I would change is that Seth Rollins could be given a bigger match than one thrown together at the last minute against Randy Orton. (Although there may be plans for Rollins to feature in the main event at some point).

Worst WrestleMania booking?

PHILLIPA: Andre the Giant Battle Royal, I think it hasn't been booked very well and it's really likely that if Sheamus returns and plays a part then he will win. I feel like Curtis Axel needs to be given time in the match to develop his gimmick further, hopefully that will save it.

RAZA: The Divas tag team match, I have nothing against the four divas but I don't see this as a must-watch match for WrestleMania. The fans want the WWE to give the Divas a chance but I don't think the tag team match at WrestleMania is the chance they need, for me I would like to see a fatal four way for the Divas Championship.

GABRIELLA: I am really tempted to say the Divas match too but that is a little obvious for me - it would need something really special to happen to stand out on the night.

I'm probably least excited about Lesnar facing Reigns, because with regard to the most recent reports it seems incredibly likely Reigns will end the show as Champion with Lesnar returning to UFC. This would leave a huge hole in the WWE and would ultimately disappoint a lot of the WWE Universe, as we are well aware Reigns is not exactly the man of the moment! 

MICHAEL: I'm with Raza here. The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal has been built around three main competitors - Big Show, Kane and Mark Henry. These are three men who are all towards the end of their careers and with Kane and Show as members of the Authority, I find them to be boring.

Also the added failure of last year’s winner Cesaro to use the match as a springboard to launch his career to new heights has diminished the ‘prestige’ of winning the battle royal.

Predict the WWE Heavyweight Champion

PHILLIPA: Seth Rollins.

MICHAEL: I'm not so sure, personally I feel that Roman Reigns will leave San Francisco with the title.

RAZA: I've always said that Rollins should cash-in at WrestleMania but I think the fact that the WWE have been hyping up the potential cash-in so much, I think it's too predictable to happen now. Roman Reigns endured a tough Royal Rumble unfortunately and we still don't know whether Brock Lesnar will sign a new deal and stick around and continue his dominance. If Lesnar stays I would like to see him retain but for me, Roman Reigns walks out with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

GABRIELLA: I think it will be Roman Reigns too but hope it will be Seth Rollins, I think the show will need the surprise of a cash-in.

Who deserves to go over at WrestleMania?

PHILLIPA: It's a hard one to answer because Brock wants to leave, Roman is still a new guy for me and even if we take it back to who should be in the match, Daniel Bryan had his shot last year. For me Seth Rollins has been one of the hardest working guys in the company for the entire time he has been there and he deserves to cash-in and leave Wrestlemania as champion.

RAZA: I think Sting deserves to go over, it will be predictable if he wins but understandable if he loses at the same time. He's a legend in the business and it's his first ever match inside a WWE ring and to have it on the biggest stage is a lot to ask, it would be a great moment in his already epic career to see him pick up a win at WrestleMania over Triple H.

GABRIELLA: I'm with Phillipa here, in terms of development, Rollins really does deserve to close the show as champion. His progression since the demise of the Shield has seen him become the company's top heel, improving dramatically on the mic (something Reigns is lacking), and maintaining excellent in-ring ability.

MICHAEL: Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler both deserve a major push too, and a title win at WrestleMania could be the best way to start that. Both deserve to be in the main event and challenging for the title and hopefully WrestleMania can be the destination to start their push.

A tag team championship match may not have been announced yet and even though they haven’t been part of the recent matches with champions Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, I would love to see the Ascension at WrestleMania. They have the best chemistry in the WWE.

Who's going to breakout at WrestleMania?

PHILLIPA: Curtis Axel perhaps? I think the build up to the Battle Royal has seen him rise in the WWE Universe's eyes and I think given a chance on the night, he will deliver.

RAZA: I agree, if anyone is to break out I think it will be at the Andre the Giant memorial Battle Royal like we saw with Cesaro last year. I would say that the amount of hype and importance 'AxelMania' is getting, I think he could have a good WrestleMania.

GABRIELLA: Aside from Axel, Bray Wyatt has been handed a once in a lifetime opportunity here, so he has the most potential to do so. A ladder match can also be the making of wrestlers, so someone like Dean Ambrose, who has lost a lot of the momentum he had from SummerSlam to Hell In A Cell, should see this as a huge opportunity to kick start that again.

MICHAEL: R-Truth may not win the Intercontinental Championship ladder match but a good performance from him could really help to propel him back up the roster and get him more regular TV time.

As a late entrant into the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal, Goldust is a dark horse. There are strong rumours that he may be looking to retire. Perhaps winning the trophy and announcing his retirement could be a fitting way to end his career.

Prediction for Seth Rollins and his Money in the Bank cash-in?

PHILLIPA: I think the only possible way WWE could book this to make sense would be if Brock Lesnar retains over Roman Reigns and Seth comes out to cash in, takes on a weaker Brock and Paul Heyman also switches allegiances to Rollins and aids him in the victory.

MICHAEL: I just can't see it. Personally I feel that having Rollins cash in at WrestleMania and leave as the champion will result in the biggest show of the year ending in a chorus of boos.

I doubt that they’ll do it at WrestleMania but the night after a hellacious battle would provide a great opportunity and would help to further enhance the great reputation that the RAW after 'Mania already has.

RAZA: Roman is being booked to look strong but he is nowhere near the guy he needs to be to beat Brock and that is where Seth and Paul come in.

I think he will tease a cash-in at WrestleMania, there's no way he will allow Roman Reigns to have his moment of glory without attempting a cash-in. But I do think Roman Reigns will have his moment and Seth Rollins will attempt to cash-in the briefcase, but it won't be official.

GABRIELLA: At this point, I feel a cash-in is inevitable, but I could also see Reigns overcoming Rollins after defeating Lesnar in the future. Hopefully somewhere down the line, if or when Lesnar has made his return to UFC, Rollins will become the next Paul Heyman guy and Heyman will help Rollins cash-in on Reigns if he doesn't do so at WrestleMania XXXI.

Give me your reaction if Roman Reigns becomes Heavyweight Champion

PHILLIPA: Like most of the WWE Universe I wouldn't be impressed. I feel like right now Roman isn't the right person to lead WWE into a new era when people like Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are still hanging around.

Roman is where he is because of how he looks and it's hard to get behind a guy who has been hand picked as the next big thing without any evidence.

RAZA: Have to disagree here, I'm prepared for it, I think everyone has been prepared for it for a while and I'm pleased for him. The majority of fans probably don't want him as champion but if the fans got their way all of the time then WWE wouldn't be entertaining. He works hard and you can tell every week he's trying to improve and there's not much more we can ask from him so I will be pleased for him.

GABRIELLA: I'm not entirely against Reigns but I would be disappointed. It would be too predictable and realistically the crowd will react as they did with his wins before. There's a lot more that could have been done with him, like a match up with Rusev and the U.S. Title.

That way Lesnar could have been convinced to stay longer, which would have given Reigns more time to develop and we could have seen this match up at WrestleMania 32, which I feel would have been better. It's all a little too soon which ultimately has been detrimental to Reigns.

MICHAEL: Controversial maybe, but I would like to see Reigns crowned champion at WrestleMania.

He has been one of the up and coming superstars from his time in the Shield and through his singles career, I also feel that other than John Cena, he is the only superstar capable of making a win over Brock Lesnar look and feel authentic.

Will the fans will boo again?

PHILLIPA: I think they will if Roman comes out on top, after the Undertaker was unable to beat Brock last year, it would be ridiculous to think Reigns can.

RAZA: I think it could depend on the matches that take place before the main event, if Triple H defeats Sting then perhaps that could have an affect on it. Taking all of that out of the equation, I think there will be a mixed reaction, there will be boos if he wins but I still think the positive reaction will overpower the negative reaction.

GABRIELLA: Certainly if Reigns overcomes Lesnar, which is likely. If Rollins cashes in people will definitely cheer loudly for him.

MICHAEL: The fans' reaction at the Royal Rumble was in my opinion, all down to Daniel Bryan’s early elimination.

I am not a big fan of Bryan but the fans love him and even though they were not pleased to see him go so early and booed the conclusion of the match as a result, the booing would have been worse if Reigns had eliminated Bryan at the end.

The fans will only boo if there is something they really don’t like, and given how the fans have now warmed up to Reigns once again, I don’t think we will see any booing at the event.

Time for The Undertaker retire after WrestleMania?

PHILLIPA: No. I think Undertaker has one more 'Mania in him. I think he and Sting should go out with a bang next year, Hall of Fame inductions in their hometown of Texas, then they can headline WrestleMania and Undertaker can bow out in the match the WWE Universe has always wanted to see.

RAZA: If The Undertaker defeats Bray Wyatt then no, if he loses to Bray Wyatt then he should retire. Bray Wyatt has a gimmick which suits this match more than any previous gimmick in recent years and he's doing a great job carrying this feud. Apart from Sting - which remains unlikely - there aren't many other superstars The Undertaker could seriously challenge. Bray Wyatt is the future and going down as the man that finally put The Undertaker to rest would work wonders for his career.

GABRIELLA: He should have retired already. It's surprising that he gave both Shawn Michaels and Triple H rematches after he beat them, but there is no rematch for the man who beat The Streak, despite them both being at the same event.

WWE could well be setting us up for a double retirement for Sting and the Undertaker at WrestleMania 32, with the latter fittingly winning in his home state.

MICHAEL: He should, largely because in recent years he has only ever returned to defend his streak at WrestleMania, with that now over, he returns for a match with Bray Wyatt which should be his last hurrah.

WrestleMania details


1am UK time, Monday March 30



  • Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns for the World Heavyweight Championship Title
  • Triple H vs Sting
  • Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins
  • The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt
  • John Cena vs Rusev for the United States Championship Title
  • Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match
  • Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
  • AJ Lee & Paige vs The Bella Twins

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