NFL: Julius Thomas out ahead amongst top five biggest losers in free agency

Following hot on the heels of our top five winners in free agency lets take a look at the top five free agency losers...

Julius Thomas

Julius Thomas has gotten paid and that is great for both his own bank balance and that of his agent. In terms of his career though it is difficult/impossible to describe the move from Denver to Jacksonville as a positive one.

In Denver, Julius Thomas was a key player in a Peyton Manning led offense. Manning may be in the twilight of his career but any team with Peyton Manning playing at quarterback is in a Superbowl window. 

Now in Jacksonville Thomas will be challenging the Titans in the AFC South for the title of dullest team in the weakest division. After Blake Bortles' gets picked off for the third or fourth time in the opening game of the season you can bet Thomas will be wishing he was back in the rarefied air of Mile High Stadium.

Marcedes Lewis

With the signing of Julius Thomas Marcedes Lewis's career as a Jaguar is effectively over. He hasn't been cut yet but there is no way on Earth that he is anything other than a distant number two to Julius Thomas.

Jeremy Maclin

Maclin might be the biggest free agency loser out of them all. The wide receiver has gone from being a key cog in Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles offense, where he had 1,318 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns in 2014, to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Last season Dwayne Bowe led the Chiefs wide receivers with 754 yards. He also jointly led the Chiefs wide receivers for trips to the endzone scoring zero receiving touchdowns.

The Kansas City offense is basically two thirds the Jaamal Charles show and one third Alex Smith desperately scrambling around to avoid taking a penalty or sack. It is not a situation into which a wide receiver wants to step into. Maclin will be the number one wide receiver in this situation but in terms of game plan he will be a fourth option at best behind running the ball with Charles, throwing the ball to Charles and throwing the ball to Travis Kelce.

Latavius Murray

Last season Murray was far and away the best running back on the roster in Oakland. For reasons that defy explanation however, the Raiders coaching staff choose to rely on the talents of Maurice Jones Drew and Darren McFadden over the youngster.

Still with the approach of a new season Murray must have been feeling quietly confident that he would be getting more playing time. MJD retired and Darren McFadden moved to the greener pastures of Dallas. With the two veterans gone it makes sense to give Murray a shot at being RB1 and pick up his back ups via the draft.

Then you hear the news that the team has signed up Trent Richardson on a two year contract and you begin to think that Murray is not likely to be given a chance at all.

Rashad Jennings

The emergence of Odell Beckham Junior had already reduced the importance of Jennings to the Giants offense but at least the improved passing attack would make the running back's job easier. The free agency signing of Shane Vereen however suggests that the Giants no longer see Jennings as a clear RB1.

Head Coach Tom Coughlin has been talking up Vereen heavily to the press. Coughlin sees Vereen as a running back who can pass protect and be a receiving threat on pass plays. In the Giants offense that has some serious pass catching talent Vereen's versatility looks to have cost Jennings a lot of game time.

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