Vince McMahon annonces 1.3 million subscribers to WWE

We start off with Sting, who made an appearance after last night's Raw to address the WWE Universe. Sting said he didn't know what his future holds before he was interrupted by a returning Bo Dallas, who was quickly dispatched of thanks to a Scorpion Death Drop. Despite WrestleMania 31 being a huge critical and commercial success on Sunday, there has been some bad news for the WWE. The company's stock plummeted 14% yesterday after Vince McMahon revealed on a conference call that the Network was at 1.3 million subscribers and that the Network would be free again for the month of April. And finally, the Raw after WrestleMania is normally a good one and this year's edition did not disappoint. NXT Stars the Lucha Dragons and Adrian Neville both made their WWE main roster debuts, while Sheamus returned as a heel in the Intercontinental Championship feud and Brock Lesnar went mental and got suspended after Seth Rollins refused to give him a rematch.