NFL: Mock Draft picks 27-32

The NFL draft is less than four weeks away, and GiveMeSport is here to give you the first part in our Mock Draft series.

We'll be counting down through the teams, all the way to number one, as we assess team needs versus draft prospects.

As ever, we want you to get involved, so feel free to have your say on your team's NFL draft in the comment section below!

Let's get started...

32 - New England Patriots

Needs - Cornerback

As Superbowl Champions there is not a lot wrong with the New England Patriots roster. They do need to add depth at cornerback in order to replace the departed Revis Island but the Patriots tend not to panic and draft for need. Instead they look to draft the best player available.

Given the off the field issues surrounding him, Randy Gregory's draft stock is now very much in decline. It seems like he could even end up in the second round of the draft. If he makes it to them the Patriots won't let a pass rushing talent like Gregory pass them by. The Patriots will take Gregory and they will be delighted about doing so.

First Round Pick - Randy Gregory

31 - New Orleans Saints

Needs - Safety, Cornerback, Wide Receiver

With their second pick of the first round the Saints will go after making improvements to their defense. One of the key areas that need to be improved is the safety position. He isn't the best prospect to come up in the draft but Landon Williams is worth taking with the 31st pick.

First Round Pick - Landon Collins

30 - Green Bay Packers

Needs - Linebacker, Cornerback, Tight End

If Aaron Rodgers stays fit and they play better on special teams, chances are the Packers win the Superbowl and not the Patriots. I say this because there isn't a lot wrong with the Packers roster.

They could do with added depth at linebacker but by pick 30 in the draft the top talent has already been harvested. Instead of drafting a linebacker then, the Packers will pivot and take a tight end to fill a gap in the roster than was formed with the injury to Jermichael Findley.

The best tight end in this draft is, by all accounts, Maxx Williams. The Packers won't let him get past them in the draft.

First Round Pick - Maxx Williams (Tight End)

29 - Indianapolis Colts

Needs - Center, Inside Linebacker

It may be unglamorous but the Colts need to get much, much better at center, and quickly. The top center in the draft is Nick Martin.

Coming out of Notre Dame Martin, isn't going to make many headlines but that isn't his job. His role is to help Andrew Luck do that.

First Round Pick - Nick Martin (Center)

28 - Denver Broncos

Needs - Right Tackle, Guard, Tight End

The Broncos have one overriding priority in this draft - to protect Peyton Manning. Protect Manning and everything will come good from there. Aside from pass protection though, anyone playing on the offensive line for Peyton Manning needs to be able to keep up with the adjustments that will be made at the line.

Laken Tomlinson from Duke is capable of doing just this and whilst it may be seen as a stretch to take him in the first round it wouldn't be that much of surprise to see Denver do it.

First Round Pick - Laken Tomlinson

27 - Dallas Cowboys

Needs - Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Safety

The Cowboys need to make improvements at defensive end and defensive tackle. They weren't great in these areas last season and they haven't got any better at these roles in the offseason. Greg Hardy is facing a massive suspension from the NFL and Henry Melton was let go.

Given all this then the Cowboys will have to pick up a defensive lineman who can get after the quarterback. The best player left to do this is Malcolm Brown. Quick for his size and able to play either at end or tackle, Brown is exactly what the Cowboys need.

First Round Pick - Malcolm Brown (Defensive Tackle)

Stay tuned for the next batch of NFL mock draft picks - coming later today!

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