Richard Kilty challenges Hector Bellerin & Theo Walcott to £30,000 race

Arsenal stars Hector Bellerin and Theo Walcott have been challenged to a £30,000 race by a Great Britain sprinter after media reports ran claims the pair were faster than Usain Bolt when he broke the 100m world record.

Richard Kilty reacted to the reports on his Twitter account and rubbished any suggestion that the speedy Gunners duo had the speed to match him on the track. He is ready to put his money where his mouth is too, offering them pair a £30,000 wager to race him.

The suggestion that Bellerin and Walcott were quicker than Bolt come from reports that the young Spaniard had beaten the Arsenal record for a 40m sprint, with his English teammate holding it previously.

Bellerin's winning time was 4.41s, beating Walcott's 4.42, which had smashed the previous record of club legend Thierry Henry (4.82s) some time ago. It was then revealed that this would have taken both ahead of Bolt in his record-breaking run.

The Jamaican set the incredible time of 9.59s at the Berlin World Championships in 2009, but he was timed hitting the 40m mark in only 4.64s, which lead to the suggestion by a few people that Bellerin and Walcott were faster than him.

Kilty (correctly) called this out as an abusrd suggestion before setting his challenge. He may not be Bolt, but the 25-year-old no also-ran - he is the Indoor World and European champion over 60m, winning the latter of the two titles in Prague last month.

You may be looking at the numbers and be thinking that the claim of Bellerin and Walcott's speed looks legitimate, but you would be wrong. For reasons why they are nowhere near Bolt, former Great Britain Olympian Craig Pickering explained on his blog.

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