Pensioner paints Wayne Rooney portrait - it doesn't go well

Wayne Rooney has had his ups and downs at Old Trafford but now his long-term future looks set to be in a red shirt, Manchester United fans consider the striker a God.

The captain is United's third all-time top goalscorer with 230 goals and is just seven behind Dennis Law and 19 behind Bobby Charlton's record. It seems he is destined to become the club's top goalscorer and will definitely be considered as one of the greatest players for the Red Devils.


To celebrate his wonderful career, Robert Burns, a pensioner from Brighton, has recently made a painting of the striker but it doesn't seem as wonderful as him...

Mr. Burns has a love for painting and spent 12 years painting his council house to look similar like the Sistine Chapel.

His painting sees Rooney looking God-like with a halo above his head but at a second glance it isn't that clear if it is a halo. Some argue that he looks something from a 70's disco with the halo representing a massive afro, similar to that of United teammate Marouane Fellaini.

Whatever it looks like, the painting has received a lot of praise and United, England and just all-round Rooney fans may be fighting for a copy. 

Here's the painting

We can't make up our mind here at GiveMeSport over what we think it looks like. Does it make Rooney look like the messiah, Fellaini's twin or something from the 70s? Comment below with your answers.

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