Raheem Sterling contract disaster has been terribly managed

It has been reported that Raheem Sterling will is looking to leave Liverpool, even though he has two years left to run on his contract. His representative Aidy Ward states that they feel the club has bullied him into this position, and it is not about money but the opportunity to win trophies.

The debate will continue as to whether the club is at fault or whether Raheem is being unreasonable, or is he simply getting bad advice from his agent? 

The fact that this is being dragged out in front of the media, and will continue to be done so until it is resolved will only have a negative impact on all of those involved. 

In this day and age where football is about such extraordinary sums of money, and 20-year-old players are multi millionaires. Most people accept that they need proper representation when dealing with the clubs, who are run by powerful and experienced businessmen and backed up by highly intelligent and knowledgable legal teams.

This is not a new scenario, Manchester United have been through it with players like Paul Pogba, who demanded he should be playing for the first team and on first team wages. Alex Ferguson decided he would not let the club be held to ransom. Whether that decision was right or wrong, and due to the impending transfer window, it is currently one of the hottest topics in football today.

The question I would like to ask is, has Raheem actually earn't the right to dictate in such a way to Liverpool? Has he provided the team with the performances and goals that justify his position? Has he produced when it mattered in the big games, and pushed Liverpool to success they would not have achieved without him in the team?

All of those questions are open to massive amounts or personal conjecture and debate.


However one point I don't think can be open for debate is that at 20 years old, has he even had the time to be able to do that? In my opinion the answer to that question is a lot simpler and is no.

So I ask; who is at fault? Raheem Sterling? Aidy Ward? Liverpool FC?

And should Liverpool cash in now for a player who doesn't want to be there or stand their ground and hold their position, and make him see out his contract? Because the precedent it sets by selling him will hurt the club in the future?

Sell? Force him to stay?

What should Liverpool do about Raheem Sterling?

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