Newcastle United fans have unrealistic expectations of Mike Ashley

With one match to go in the season's Premier League, the final relegation place looks to be going to a club from the North East.

Now Hull fans obviously love their club and are as passionate as any other, yet they are not set to protest in the stands claiming the club is badly run, or chanting for Steve Bruce to be removed.

But a few miles away in Newcastle that is exactly the situation the fans find themselves in.

The press is full of stories of sit in protests, and chants for Mike Ashley to leave, and are set to be the biggest story in Newcastle this weekend. Nobody can argue the Newcastle fans are passionate, but are they more passionate than any other?

In reality the answer is no.

Now being completely impartial and looking at the honours they have won, you can not class them as a big club. Yes they have fans that turn up every week and support them, but the status comes from actually winning trophies consistently over the years and Newcastle have not done that. 

Let's look at the squad of world class players they have, well in all honestly we can't because Newcastle and the North East has always struggled to attract the biggest stars. And that is not down to the current management structure, it is down to the fact they have not won enough on the pitch over the last 100 years.

Dodgy deals

Not only do Newcastle not have the trophies to qualify as a big club, they are not a huge draw for sponsors either. Their shirts are sponsored by Wonga, the online loan company, that has attracted a huge amount of bad press due to its business practices.

Some feel they take advantage of the less fortunate in society, a brand which most football clubs would not want to be associated with.

And the Newcastle fans with their history of not winning trophies, vent their anger directly at Mike Ashley. They hold him responsible for the state of the football club, and the lack of success directly on his shoulders, even though he has only owned the club for eight years. They didn't win anything in the 52-years prior to his ownership.

A business venture

Ashely, whatever your thoughts of the man on a personal level, is running Newcastle as a business interest.

And from a stand point of financial stability, the club posted a £19 million profit for the end of the financial year in 2014, he is doing a decent job.

He manages the club and invests in the club, based on the fact that they are a mid to bottom half Premier League team. We were all horrified when Leeds and Portsmouth went into administration, due to spending massive amounts of money that did not generate a return. Newcastle have not done that.

Is it right for Ashley to leave the club, when he is keeping the club afloat and investing based on the potential return and reward, that he believes is viable for a business unit in his portfolio?

In this modern age of football, with so many owners coming from abroad or buying football clubs as a business interest rather than a passion, is Ashley doing anything wrong?

Ashley does not claim to be an expert in football, he employs people to do those elements of the job for him, and whether they are giving him the right counsel is questionable.

Are they the people who are really responsible for the lack of success? Or is is simply that Newcastle United fans are completely unable to accept the fact, they are a mid to bottom of the table football club, who every year they are in the Premier League are actually achieving something and should be celebrating.

Many other clubs like West Brom and Stoke celebrate staying in the league as a success, they know they can't compete for the league and they look to improve their final points total or finishing position by 1 place every year. And their fans accept this, so why can't the fans at Newcastle?

Newcastle don't have the history of Liverpool who's fans have reason to believe and expect they can work their way to the top again, they don't have that culture of sustained success. 

It is rumoured that if the right offer came along he would sell the club, however, there doesn't seem to be a long line of potential buyers, and who is to say that the next owner would do things any differently?

Would a new owner suddenly attract the worlds top players, and a charge for the Premier League title? Probably not.

So is it time they accepted that having a club run in a way that maintains its financial stability, that keeps them in the top flight of English football is a good thing, rather than venting their unrealistic expectations at Ashley?

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