Real Madrid right to appoint Rafa Benitez

Many people would remember how Carlo Ancelotti led Real Madrid to the Champions League title in 2014, as well as their most recent achievement: 22 consecutive victories in all competitions until January. Unfortunately, many would also remember how Carlo failed to rotate his team to keep his players healthy, resulted in a trophyless season which ultimately caused the Italian manager his job.

With Benitez (well, we all know Benitez and 'squad rotation' are quite fond of one another), Real Madrid can look forward to a healthier squad to fight for whatever pleases the one man on top (yes, Florentino - that's you). That is if Benitez can restrain himself from overusing it.


In the first few years of his managing career, Rafael Benitez used to work as head coach for Real Madrid Castilla (1993-1995). With some experience coaching youngsters, Benitez is expected to sort out and make best use of his youth academy where Perez has invested a lot (in case you haven't figured it out, here's a hint: Odegaard).


Surprisingly, Benitez is actually a modern type of manager. Just the same as Arsene Wenger and his affection for his statistical analysis computer program, Benitez usually incorporated computer technology into building and managing his training regime.

Evidently, the Spanish manager has embedded the use of 'GlobalTech', a program which monitors every movement of players; in his proposal to Real's board of director. This program, along with Benitez's coaching, will surely force the players to fight harder for a slot in the Starting XI.


A long, harsh series of pre-season friendlies around the globe has been an ever-lasting problem at Real Madrid for god knows how long. Merit? Money: merchandise sale, ticket, promotion, etc. Demerit? Everything else related to players.

Traveling around the world to make some more money will devastate your own players, making them unable to fully recover from the already-exhausted previous season. Here's the irony at Real: The team is forced to play around the world to make a few extra (million) euros; which will be used to replace anyone who fails to keep up with the team after that.

That will change under Benitez. The Spanish man has never favoured such a torture like that to his players. Were Benitez be appointed sooner, Real Madrid would not have to go all the way to Asia and Australia to 'prepare' their new season like they will be doing in the upcoming two months. Fewer good-for-nothing matches, stronger the players, stronger the team.

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