Everton boss Roberto Martinez has not handled the John Stones situation well

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Reports of a bid of £20 million from Chelsea for Everton defender John Stones emerged last week and it was announced that the bid had been rejected by the Merseyside club.

After these reports, Jose Mourinho confirmed his club's interest in Stones, telling reporters: "We made a bid because we like the player".

This public announcement displeased Toffees' manager Roberto Martinez who claims that his club wouldn't publicise any information surrounding another team's player.


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While Martinez has a right to be disappointed, he has handled Chelsea's bid for Stones in rather poor fashion as a mini feud between the two managers has now broken out.

After Martinez decided to voice his opinion by telling the press that Everton "are not a club that needs to be worried about what other clubs put through the press", there was undoubtedly going to be a reaction from Mourinho.

Mourinho's backlash is no surprise

The Chelsea manager tends to get himself involved in word and mind games with his counterparts, and when he feels he or his club is being criticised, there will certainly be some backlash.

The Portuguese tactician went on to say that "during the transfer window, every club and player is open to bids".


While he's simply speaking the truth, he also went on to take a jab at Martinez by saying the Everton manager could make the process much easier by saying the player wasn't for sale.

The Merseyside club have yet to use such phrasing when speaking of the English defender.  

Since then, Martinez and Everton have not publicly addressed Chelsea's interest in Stones.

Martinez started the war of words

However, Mourinho has again delved in to the media to make it known that the London club remain interested in the young Englishman and has hinted that they will increase their bid.

In doing this, he also has risked upsetting the Toffees even more by suggesting they are a "smaller club" based on the way they are using the market to their advantage.

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Mourinho did say, however, that he "doesn't criticise them" for it.

Either way, if the Blues manager meant to get under Martinez's skin or not, Everton and their fans will not be pleased with the comments made surrounding their team.

What they need to realise, though, is that it is most likely Martinez's initial criticism of Mourinho that has led to the backlash that has ensued. 

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