Tyson Fury - love him or hate him, let’s get behind the 'Gypsy King'

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is the man who divides opinion, a fighter in the truest sense, he regularly crosses the line, goading opponents and more often than not gets personal.

Making himself heard

Love him or hate him everyone has an opinion of him - And that's important.

Those questioning his antics in last week’s press conference with Klitschko are massively off point, after all how many viewers will have tuned in purely to see the one liners roll off the Fury tongue and see whether he could get under Wladimir’s skin?

The truth is people want to see him, granted many people watching will want to see him beaten in Germany and that’s fine.

Whether or not people will be cheering him on or hoping he will get knocked out makes no difference to Fury, boxing is a business and a million people hating you is better than no one talking about you.

Fighting chance

As for the fight itself I actually give Fury more than a chance. Klitschko has certainly slowed over the years and we've seen in the past when he does get hit he doesn't have the best chin in the business.

Boxing at The O2

Fury on the other hand is coming off one his finest performances where he destroyed Derek Chisora, switching between south paw and orthodox with ease.

Wladimir likes to use his long jab from a distance and grab and hold when up close and I don't think he'll be able to do this against the giant Fury. The Englishman will come in close and box on the inside, he'll try and bully Klitschko and, if he does, I think we could see a new champion.

If Klitschko manages to connect, Tyson may go down - we've seen him on the canvas before at the hands of blown up cruiser weight Steve Cunningham, and the Ukrainian certainly has more power at his disposal.


But here's the thing with Tyson, I honestly can't see him staying down, he has this will to win and inner belief that even his fiercest critics would have to admire if not respect - unless he is out cold he won’t stay down and that has to be a worry for the Champion.

British boost

Britain needs a heavyweight champ again, the fights to be made should Fury do the business are mouth-watering.

Look at the potential among Britain’s elite alone; Anthony Joshua, Lucas Browne, David Haye (should he come back) and if Dillan Whyte continues to progress he’s a real option as well. Not to mention a potential unification bout with Deontay Wilder.

Matchroom Boxing - Resurrection

Good for boxing?

And here's the most refreshing thing, should Tyson win we will see him take on anybody, he fears no man and will duck no one, which. in a division that has seen the Klitschko brothers appear to cherry pick their opponents for so long, would be fantastic for boxing in general.

The best wanting to fight the best, no avoiding no ducking just the best against the best, just how boxing should be and how it used to be before the calling of fast cars and big houses became a bigger draw than beating the best.

Tyson Fury Media Workout

Tyson loves to fight we know that, and for these reasons alone we should all get behind the Gypsy King.

Should he upset the champ look forward to boxing being about fighting again - now there’s a thought.

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