Radamel Falcao could cost Chelsea the Premier League


Jose Mourinho's ego stretches far and wide. It is all encompassing, and anybody in the vicinity of it is in danger of being sucked inside, much like a tornado.

And like a tornado, the Portuguese has destructive elements, as well as others that leave spectators in awe. He is more aware than most that he is capable of great things, and is not shy in letting the world know.

He has worked collective miracles in his career, winning the Champions League with Porto and Inter Milan against all odds. His CV is full of successes.


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Despite this, his work with individuals is less impressive; Joe Cole improved immeasurably under his tutelage, but aside from the London-born winger, it's hard to think of an example of a player whose development would have been hindered were it not for Jose's help.

There is no doubt that the Special One has been beneficial to many players, however, there is also a feeling that players like Frank Lampard and John Terry would have scaled the heights of their profession regardless of his input. This is what makes Chelsea's decision to sign Radamel Falcao, albeit on loan, all the more baffling.


Stuck in the past?

Quite what Jose has in mind when envisioning Falcao's future with the blues is perhaps clear to those inside the club, but outside there are raised eye brows and much head scratching.

Mourinho has mentioned the fearsome partnership that Falcao struck up with Diego Costa during their time together at Atletico Madrid, however, a fearsome partnership requires both men to be at their snarling, aggressive best, and right now only Costa can claim to be performing near to the higher level of his capabilities.


The manager has been a father figure to many Chelsea players over the years, however, he isn't Father Time. He can't turn back the clock to when El Tigre had yet to suffer serious injuries to both knees, and was turning in shots from seemingly impossible angles at Athletico.

Old Falcao, or new Fernando?

Mourinho kept faith with Fernando Torres for a season at the beginning of his second reign at the helm of the club, but couldn't reverse his fortunes and quickly shipped him out.

Like Torres before him, when he lopped off his honey blonde locks, Falcao has attempted a change of image, almost as a last, desperate attempt at reinvention. Also similarly to his decision to give Torres a chance, their seems to be an undercurrent of Mourinho's superiority complex creeping into his choices.

Chelsea Training Session

Did he keep faith with Torres to prove that he could succeed where Rafael Benitez failed in restoring him to his past self? Is he using Falcao to the same ends and trying to get one over his old mentor Louis van Gaal?

Speaking his language 

Mourinho's decision to sign Falcao looks increasingly like a vanity project. He is hoping that the Spanish speaking contingent at Stamford Bridge will help the Colombian rediscover himself, but weren't there Spanish speakers at Chelsea when Torres was struggling for form and confidence? Fernando still cut a desperately lonely figure. 

Thin up top?

If Costa suffers a reoccurrence of the hamstring injuries that hampered him last season, and Loic Remy struggles to fill his boots, then it will fall to Falcao to fire Chelsea to glory.

For Mourinho, a man who expects Chelsea to challenge on all fronts, the decision to enter into the season with only three front men, including one who has shown nothing in recent outings for Columbia to suggest that he can return to form, seems an odd one.

Hull City v Chelsea - Premier League

Class is, they say, permanent.  All lights that were once bright will continue to flicker, think Thierry Henry and his comeback goal for Arsenal against Leeds. We can expect Falcao to hit the back of the net on occasion, possibly against lesser teams in lesser competitions.

To expect him to register the requisite number of goals to push Chelsea to silverware may be beyond even Mourinho's powers of black magic. 

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