Brendan Rodgers continues to prove he's untrustworthy in the transfer market


Although Liverpool managed to avenge their 6-1 defeat to Stoke City, due to a moment of brilliance from Philippe Coutinho, Brendan Rodgers continues to show a lack of guile in the transfer market.

For the second season running Rodgers has been forced to sell his best player, with Suarez and Sterling both exiting Anfield. Rodgers undoubtedly got a good price for both departures even though he would have wanted to keep them. Despite the significant hindrance of having two of your star players leaving, Rogers could have ceased the £110 million opportunity.

It's fairly undisputed that each recruit from last season can be regarded as a failure, with Emre Can the only arrival who may be an exception. Despite spending over £80 million, Rodgers seemed to display a tactless approach to his investing.


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The impression Rodgers created was buying whoever was available in the market - for instance Lazar Markovic or Mario Balotelli - and try to make them fit.

By the end of the transfer window he certainly had a stronger and deeper squad more fit to tackle the Champions League, however a clear direction wasn't evident. Consequently, Rodgers failed to fill the void left by Suarez and nearly all his signings were considered a 'miss', wasting over £80 million.

Mixed bag

This summer Liverpool have furthered their reputation of 'selling big', with Raheem Sterling joining the likes of Luis Suarez and Fernando Torres with a £49 million move to Manchester City.

However if their performance against Stoke is anything to go by, Rodgers seems to have imbued the same naivety in the transfer market as last season. Although Clyne seems a steal at £12 million, and we didn't see too much of Roberto Firmino, it's hard not to think of Andy Carroll when watching Christian Benteke.

Although Benteke is undoubtedly a better player than Carroll and a more versatile striker, he earned his reputation largely through aerial prowess and counter attacking style of play. In order to get the best out their £32.5 million striker Liverpool need to play more to his style of play or he may turn out to be another 'miss'.

Stoke City v Liverpool - Premier League

To get Benteke scoring Rodgers' wingers need to get to the byline and whip in crosses or play counter attacks through him, both of which they failed to do against Stoke.

Additionally, although James Milner is a consistent player and model professional, his £8 million compensation fee and his £120,000-a-week wages seemed to have been overlooked and may prove an inconvenience on Liverpool if his partnership with Henderson fails to develop.

Firmino looked sharp, however questions have risen over where he will play, and with Coutinho seeming to nail the No. 10 position, is Firmino the right player to compliment Benteke?

Has Rodgers got it all wrong again?

Although it may be premature to jump to conclusions, it's hard not question whether Rodgers has yet again showed impetuousness in the transfer market.

Clearly, Liverpool have only played one game however given the number of signings they have made this summer, it would be a fair assumption that Rodgers would adapt Liverpool's game to suit their new arrivals, particularly Benteke.

Stoke City v Liverpool - Premier League

But Benteke was not getting the service he requires to justify his price tag at Stoke, and Rodgers can't keep investing in players that do not suit his style.

Although they've only had one game, Rodgers has yet to show a clear direction he is taking, and this seems to be reflected in his transfer business. 

This season will undoubtedly prove to be a fascinating one for Liverpool, and it will be interesting how Rodgers will fit his new recruits into this Liverpool team.

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