Jose Mourinho acted poorly towards Eva Carneiro during Swansea draw

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According to English press Chelsea's team doctor, Eva Carneiro, will not be sacked. However, the Portuguese doctor will not be allowed to participate in training sessions or other matches of the team's senior squad. Ironically, she was demoted for doing just what she was hired to do.

What happened on the field that day? Well, Chelsea went down to ten men from minute 52, after Thibaut Courtois decided he wanted to go home sooner and earned himself a sending-off. Chelsea's physio team intercepted the match to take care of a rolling-on-the-pitch Eden Hazard.

Since the rules forbid teams to provide medical care on the pitch (to prevent time-wasting); the physios had to bring Hazard off the field, leaving Chelsea with eight men plus Asmir Begovic to fight off Swansea. This triggered Mourinho's fury. "I was unhappy with my medical staff. They were impulsive and naive," he said afterwards.

Now, we are not here to tell who is right and who is wrong. We are here to take a closer look at Mourinho's behaviour, and whether or not it is beneficial for his team.

Back to the match, ten-men Chelsea struggled to a draw with Swansea, received only one point after Day One of the season. The problem is losing points at the beginning of the season, while disappointing, is not the end of the world. Mistakes can be corrected. Mourinho's anger at the medical staff was definitely not one of those efforts.

It was more like he was looking for someone to blame for his inability to turn the match around. Chelsea still had around 40 minutes after the red card to turn the table. Had Mourinho been really worried, he would have stood by the pitch shouting at his boys, instead of smirking on the bench and then slamming Eva Carneiro.

Miss Carneiro is a doctor, therefore chances are that she does not know much about tricks managers use when the team is at stake, but she did her job: taking care of players' health and fitness. Mourinho caviled that his staff must "understand the match". I agree. And I also agree that it is still Mourinho's fault: it is his job as a manager to communicate with his subordinates, and he should do it in the changing room or on the training pitch, not in front of the public.

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Browsing around social networks like Facebook or Twitter, the term "Hazard's injury" resulted in a lot of opinions voiced concerns over Mourinho's ridiculous behaviour, some of which go as far as to blame Hazard of faking an injury.

Speaking of the Belgium playmaker, what would happen if it was someone else down on the ground? Would the Portuguese manager be as angry at the same action from the medics? Or was it because Mourinho was stuck and his only hope had been brought off-field? Mourinho is special, we all know that, but he is ridiculing himself with all his nonsense. Who would ever thought one day, Mourinho would attack people on his side?

Lastly, the Twitter search brought back a serious question: what will happen if in the future, Chelsea's medical staff won't intervene unless instructed by Mourinho, no matter how serious the injury is?

What do you make of Jose Mourinho's behaviour?

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