WWE: How Tough Enough problems can be solved for the next season

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This season of Tough Enough has received criticism from fans, writers, and wrestling legends such as Mick Foley for failing to operate as a true meritocracy.

WWE must reassess the show and plan carefully if it will be returning for another season.


This season, the coaches and the Tough Enough host have been excellent. They have set a standard that should be allowed to continue.


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Veterans Lita, Booker T, and Billy Gunn have been tough on the contestants but have been fair. Each coach has brought something unique to the training and the overview of the business that they provide. 

Chris Jericho, as a face or a heel, has been one pro wrestling's most charismatic stars ever. Tough Enough should keep Jericho as host or find an equality charismatic new host, but some key changes would improve the image of the show and make its results more credible.


This season, initially, the judges were Hulk Hogan, Daniel Bryan, and Paige. After Hogan's racism scandal, the Miz replaced Hogan. 

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In the future, WWE should select at least one WWE veteran of at least ten years and two WWE Hall of Famers. This should include at least one woman who represents the same standard.  

No matter who WWE selects, each judgt must agree to call it right down the middle. There should be no attempt or any reason to believe there has been any attempt to alter the results (who remains from week to week and who eventually wins). 


Having been criticized for being a popularity contest, the voting system on Tough Enough needs to be reassessed. The system that determines the finalists who make up the show's cast might not need to be changed, but what happens once the show debuts does.

There should still be a "bottom three" each week, and the one save per judge stipulation could remain. However, the judges should decide which of the three contestants should go home. 

The WWE universe should only be allowed to vote during the season finale. After the judges have decided on who the finalists are, the fans' vote would determine the two Tough Enough winners.

The aforesaid changes would establish fairness and meritocracy on the show while giving the majority of fans what they want in the end.

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