WWE: Baffling John Cena and Undertaker matches at SummerSlam

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Overall, SummerSlam was rather entertaining. Yet, some of the booking and writing has left fans scratching their heads.


In short, this was a good match ruined by its ending. Ziggler just barely missed the count, diving toward the ring to no avail.

A pay-per-view event is not the place for a double count out, unless of course, both performers' bodies are lying motionless after a "train wreck" of a match.


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At the second largest event of the year, the WWE World Heavyweight Title defense should have at least held co-main event status alongside the highly promoted Undertaker v. Brock Lesnar match. This certainly should have been the case when the winner would become the first person to ever hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the United States Championship at the same time.

The outcome should not have been determined by comedian and guest host Jon Stewart's hitting John Cena with a chair. Although Stewart's antagonism of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman about ending The Streak was a clever misdirection, Stewart's involvement in Rollins' victory was baffling and unnecessary. 

After such an amazing performance, Rollins deserved a clean win. He has been an underappreciated champion whom WWE fans have criticized for beginning his reign as a weasel who barely held on to the title with help from the Authority and J & J Security. 

Rollins proved that he could retain the title on his own by defeating a game Dean Ambrose in a ladder match at Money in the Bank and by winning several matches since then. Why would WWE have Rollins revert to the winning with outside interference formula?

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On such a grand stage, a WWE Divas Championship defense would have been more appropriate than a tag team match.

To begin with, it seems that the creation of three dominant stables on the main roster has been used to ensure a slow, gradual change of the division. That is not the definition of "revolution."

If a triple-threat tag match between Team Bella, Team B.A.D., and Team PCB was WWE's attempt to showcase the women, it fell short. For starters, it did not measure up to the NXT Women's Title match between Sasha Banks and Bayley at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn.

Banks performed at SummerSlam despite having left it all in the ring in such a physical match the night before. It was a shame that Banks did not have a fair chance to command the spotlight the way she has normally done since becoming The Boss.

Once again, Naomi and Tamina would have to tone down their abilities. The same could be said about Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Tamina, the most powerful diva, being pinned by Brie Bella without much effort and so early in the match simply was not believable.

Becky Lynch pinned Brie Bella for the final elimination to win the match for Team PCB. Nevertheless, Team Bella is still on top of the women's division, and Nikki Bella is still the champion.


The controversial finish spoiled a great match. Numerous fans who lamented the end of The Streak hoped to see Undertaker beat Lesnar fair and square.

The timekeeper making the "mistake" of ringing the bell after what might have been a gentle tap
out while Lesnar trapped Undertaker in a Kimura lock was a major disappointment. The fact that Undertaker was trying to reverse Lesnar into a pin made it unclear as to who really benefited the most from breaking the hold, but ringing the bell without the referee's signal was still shady.

When the referee restarted the match, Undertaker was able to sneak in a low blow. Ultimately, Taker's subsequent application of the Hell's Gate for the second time in the match caused
Lesnar to pass out. 

Afterwards, Paul Heyman protested the official decision and declared Lesnar the true winner.


If WWE is trying to turn the tables and extend this feud, which had already been brought back with scarce explanation after 16 months, the writers are missing the point. First, even if WWE is teasing a Brock Lesnar v. Undertaker match at next year's WrestleMania, the mistake of having already broken The Streak cannot be rectified.

In addition, wrestling fans love Brock Lesnar because of his ability and credibility, but he is a natural heel with Paul Heyman as his mouthpiece. Career-wise, Lesnar does not need to become a face any more than the beloved and highly respected Undertaker needs to become a pure heel.

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