Five ways to book Seth Rollins at WWE Night of Champions

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With WWE's annual Night of Champions upon us, the Authority has decided to thrust their protege into not one, but two bouts in the same night. The US and WWE World Heavyweight champion will come up against John Cena and the Icon Sting in what proves to be an entertaining night.

Having already overcome the likes of Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar, it remains certain that this is Seth Rollins biggest night in his career with all cards stacked against him to walk out of Houston with both belts beside him. 

Here are five ways the WWE can book their champion at Night of Champions:


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1 - Have him beat both Sting and John Cena clean

In an outcome that'll upset all the odds, WWE would be wise to have a star with a bright future ahead of him to go over two future Hall of Famers clean in the middle of the squared circle with no interruptions whatsoever. 

It'll see him become a far more credible champion considering the multitude of ways he has defended his titles thus far and come out with a renowned fire that's much needed for his character. It'll be reminiscent of the night Chris Jericho overcame both The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin at Vengeance 2001.

2 - Lose to John Cena but retain the ultimate prize

A loss to John Cena no longer hurts the stock of superstars as it did before and Seth Rollins has already been defeated by the former US champion. He could go on to say he hasn't lost the biggest prize in the company and that the US Championship was only weighing him down.

Also a win against Sting yet again will do wonders for him and he'll mention it in promos for years to come. It could make way for a rematch at Hell In A Cell if he fails to win clean in the quest to get his statue back with the angle being all but over.

3 - Overcome all the odds and beat three men in one night

If the WWE are sure of making Seth Rollins there go-to guy for the foreseeable future then booking him in three matches as opposed to two will definite solidify his status and name in the history books. After beating both John Cena and Sting, the Celtic Warrior Sheamus could see it as a perfect opportunity to cash in his briefcase for a title match.

Seth Rollins anticipating the cash-in as teased on Raw earlier this week could overcome the challenge and walk out having defeated three of biggest stars in the company.

4 - Walk out with absolutely nothing

Perhaps it's time for the WWE to move on to different angles considering Seth Rollins has been the WWE World Heavyweight Champion for almost 6 months. The gimmick needs new life and a feud with Triple H for putting him in such a predicament could be the end result leading up to a showdown at Survivor Series.

Sting will finally get to add the coveted WWE World Heavyweight Championship to his list of accomplishments and John Cena can go on to yet again be the very definition of a fighting champion.

5 - Retain the US Championship but face a brogue kick

After successfully fending off the franchise in John Cena, Seth Rollins can go into the main event with confidence and while he seems to be prime position to defeat the legendary Sting, Sheamus could run and cash-in midway through the match similar to the way in which Seth Rollins won the title in the first instance.

Seth Rollins retains credibility and one of his championships but sets up a longstanding feud with both Sting and Sheamus in the future with viewers tuning in the next night to see how the title picture will shape up.

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