Hurricane Joaquin could force NFL to cancel Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins

Hurricane Joaquin is threatening to postpone the scheduled clash between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins, with the NFL currently exploring their options. It’s believed the league is monitoring the forecast and is in talks with both teams, with postponement a possibility if the severity of the incoming storm increases. Of course, the game at FedEx Field will still go ahead if possible, so we’ll keep you updated on that. Across to NBA and Carmelo Anthony has given New York Knicks fans plenty of reason to be optimistic, after stating that his franchise is competing for the championship. The 31-year-old did concede that many people probably wouldn’t believe it, but said that the big-picture goal was of paramount importance moving forward. That’s in spite of the fact that he might be better served stamping his feet and demanding new additions from the Knicks. What can we say; he’s a patient man.