Should Triple H get back in the ring in 2015?

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An offer was made Monday night by WWE COO Triple H to Roman Reigns that would have ended all the speculation of who would be the next company champion. All the number one contender for the title would have to do is become the new lack for The Authority, replacing Seth Rollins in the process.

Survivor Series may have gotten a bit more interesting.

Of course, this is television and a story has been written. Now, the ending might be the same - with Reigns getting over as the new champion, but it is going to happen a bit differently. There is no Rollins on the other side of the ring. Fifteen other wrestlers are competing for that opportunity. Reigns, who still should walk out of Atlanta in two weeks wearing gold, might have become public enemy number one in this attempt.


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It should also be noted that Dean Ambrose is on the other side of the bracket, adding speculation that the Lunatic Fringe and Richie Cunningham to Reigns' Fonzie will meet his best friend in the final. It is also possible Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio might have something to say about it in a potential swerve. 

It should be noted as well Cesaro cannot win it because Vince McMahon still thinks his character is dull, all the while there is no better athlete in this tournament. All this does is prove nice guys do finish last.

While the potential for a Reigns/Ambrose or Reigns/Owens finale is very possible, there are other options here that fans may not have thought of. Seeds have been planted. Reigns basically told his boss to go to hell (hello there, Steve Austin) and we all know that sets up well for a nice confrontation at a pay-per-view near you.

Could Triple H get back in the ring and challenge the new order of reason in WWE? Furthermore, would you be surprised if Vince McMahon walked down the aisle, showing his support for the hand-picked new leader of the company? Wouldn't a split in the McMahon household - which ultimately has Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley torn between the two loves of her life?

Jim Ross needs to call this action because business is about to heat up in Hotlanta.

There is no telling how this chapter in Reigns quest for gold is going to be written - only that he should walk out of Survivor Series with the belt in hand. Who he walks out with, who he beats and whether or not there is outside interference remains to be seen.

Wait a minute, this is wrestling. There is always outside interference.

Right now, Triple H is the only wrestler on the roster (he hasn't retired yet) to put Reigns over. At some point, it will be left to John Cena when he comes back and takes his WWE World title back. Right now, it's the Reigns Era, which hasn't gotten off to a good start. Having your competitor destroy his knee doesn't help matters. 

The tournament played out on both Raw and SmackDown is a great idea, but it's still a bit anticlimactic. There needs to be a hitch, a stunner, something like Undertaker losing to Brock Lesnar. Right now, it's not there.

Unless an Ambrose heel turn means he becomes the new face of The Authority, then Triple H will have to do the honors himself. I'm not saying this has to happen at Survivor Series, but if everything goes according to plan, it must happen by the end of the year.

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