Ric Flair wants to become Cesaro's manager

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As it is evidently clear by how he is portrayed on Raw, Cesaro isn't being given a push by the WWE anytime soon because Vince McMahon believes he can't connect with the crowd. I guess the Cesaro section doesn't exist then!

Anywho, several ideas have been thrown around over how to push The Swiss Sensation on TV to establish this so-called missing connection with the WWE Universe. Ric Flair is another man that has come up with a brilliant idea for him.

The WWE Hall of Famer has said on the latest edition of the WOOOOO! Nation podcast how he would elevate and fix Cesaro's mic skills and bring himself back into the mix. By becoming The King of Swing's manager.


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He said: "Who brings more to the table as a performer, if you look at raw ability, than Cesaro? Nobody! I mean, that kid is phenomenal! But, he's one week on, one week off, and I think that's part of the problem.

"I know how they can resolve that mic issue. Dial 9-1-1-Naitch!"

This is a great idea on the face of it, but we must remember the WWE has pulled the same stunt with Cesaro and a manager in the past, as he was once paired up with Paul Heyman. That wasn't as successful as people anticipated and it did set him back a bit in my opinion.

Then there was the incident with Zeb Colter and The Real Americans tag team with Jack Swagger. That didn't exactly go off without a hitch either. But you never know, maybe third time is the charm.

Many fans just want to see more of Cesaro on their TV screens, no matter what the cost because he is such a talented wrestler. Whether that be a WWE World Heavyweight Championship, a heel turn, or a pairing with The Nature Boy, the WWE Universe just want to see more of The Swiss Sensation.

How should Cesaro be pushed by the WWE? Have your say and leave a comment below...

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