Five additions WWE need to add in 2016

WWE SummerSlam 2015

It’s near the end of 2015 and it has been a great year for WWE. The WWE Network has been a huge success; the talent hasn’t been as well stocked since the Attitude Era, but attendances are as high as they’ve ever been.

However, from a creative and booking point of view, this hasn’t been a stellar year, it’s been a bit tame, and a bit samey - not counting Seth Rollins championship run.

So here are five things WWE should do in 2016 to liven things up.


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John Cena Heel Turn

Having John Cena return from his hiatus a new man is one of the best things WWE could do in 2016. They won’t turn Cena full heel because that would be bad for business, however, Cena’s image does need a revamp.

Make Cena a bit of a darker hero, let him have an edge. Attack a few people, fight dirty when the opponent does, and cut edgier promos. Make him a bit of an anti-hero a la CM Punk.

Surprise Rumble Winner

It’s clear from recent reports that Roman Reigns is set to be involved in the title scene come Wrestlemania. One way to achieve this is having him win the Rumble. I think this is too easily signposted and would bore fans, quite frankly.

What I’d love to see from the Rumble in 2016 is a surprise winner. Maybe a legendary wrestler like The Undertaker, or maybe a returning superstar like Daniel Bryan.

Have someone come in at spot #30, win the Rumble and get a title shot at Wrestlemania. It could create an intriguing title matchup.

WWE Smackdown - Sydney

Rename The Divas Division - Women’s Championship

If WWE wants the Diva’s revolution to really stick, they need to treat the division with respect, so why not start by properly naming it.

This would give the division the boost it needs and hopefully fans will flock to it. From this legitimacy, the division could grow and be taken more seriously by fans. I would be behind this move if WWE implemented it.

10th Anniversary Of WWE Tribute To The Troops


A great storyline could be a rivalry between the main roster and NXT, the developmental system that has grown arms and legs. Imagine random run-ins on both shows from superstars, blurring the lines a bit between the two shows. Even at live events. The unpredictability would be like something from the Attitude Era, but for a modern audience.

Some amazing match-ups could happen as a result. Imagine Dolph Ziggler taking on Finn Balor, or Baron Corbin interfering in a match with the Wyatts? So many interesting battles could come from it.


This year’s experiment with a tournament should be taken a step further in 2016. How about having tournaments for the Intercontinental and US titles?

No #1 contender, no random challenges, but actual proper tournaments with group rounds, and then knockout stages. Again this could create some amazing battles which could develop into proper feuds that matter. Wouldn’t that be cool?

I think that these changes could bring out the best in the WWE and give the writers some creative freedom and a freshness that hasn’t been seen in years. WWE has the talent available to make it happen.

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What would you like to see from the WWE next year? Give YOUR opinion in the comment box below!

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